Mushy Alert! Mushy Alert!

I never post on back to back days, but...I had to share that I have a new reader! My husband!! Yahoo!!! Chris has often given me a sideways look like the one you see to the right there when I say that I blog. That picture was taken in 1996. I have received it multiple times a year since. "What do you blog about? Do you talk about how you served Eggos to Austin & Landon yesterday, today and will tomorrow?" Although he has read some of the entries, I think he is still left wondering what it is that I do write about. I'm doing the same. Because he knows me like no other and sees the house when it is turned upside-down, it is a little different for him reading in "Kelley's Breakroom". As I reflect back over my posts since I started this blog just a couple of months ago, I realize that Chris was mentioned when I was talking about Pepto-Bismol. (Generic Pepto-Bismol ISN'T the same, Chris! We will talk about this when you get home) Isn't that nice?? Chris should be mentioned much more often. The thing is...he is the most sane thing in my life (most of the time). I am generally talking about nonsense! Anyway, he truly is my best friend! He can make me laugh so hard I can't breathe. He makes me laugh harder than I make him. He is a wonderful daddy to our boys. They LOVE when he gets home because he plays with them and makes them laugh, too. He is a human jungle gym! He truly is a treasure to have as a husband and a father. I would feel bad looking at this blog when I am in the nursing home someday and not seeing that my husband, the father of my children, was not mentioned more.
By that time, I may not remember anything, so it'll be nice to see his picture in this post. For me, it all comes down to the nursing home. I am spending a lifetime preparing for those dusty years. And, Chris, I know that picture isn't cropped right. But, right now, I don't give a crop. That was awful. I'll post the picture un-cropped and everyone will see why I cut myself out. I look like Medusa. Medusa's going on a helicopter ride.