Captcha Balderdash #3

It is possible that I will get tired of seeing the definitions made up by myself and you all in the Captcha Balderdash game started originally by Striking Keys at some point.  Here's the link to Captcha Balderdash #2 played last month: link.  That time has not come yet, **co-workers.  The time where I laugh, giggle, snicker, snort and guffaw out loud at the things you all write is still here.  My plan is to play it in the break room on the first Monday of each month until I want to kick it in it's behind and get it outta here.  I hope if you have played before, you will play again, and if you have NEVER played you, you'll play this time.  A friend said she was intimidated that her definition would not be dazzling or witty enough, so she didn't post anything.  The simplest definitions can be the most hilarious!  During Captcha Balderdash #2, my friend Jodi said that "LABEG" was a homeless French guy.  Those 4 words were enough for me to get my oxygen tank out.  I cracked up!  So, seriously, play along.  The more, the funnier!

Last time, I said I was going to pick the top 5 and feature them in my next blog post.  I just couldn't pick 5.  I absolutely loved them all.  So, this time I will post all of them with a link to your site, if you have one, in my blog post for Wednesday.  It's a great way for the readers of this blog to see more about YOU!  I just request that the definitions be PG-13, as all types of people read this blog and I don't want to lose any of them.  That's not too annoying of a request, right?  Right?  Hey!  Why are you walkin' off?

How to Play:

1st- Go down to the "Post a comment section" and type in random symbols, like jds;fjs;lj OR sdfaslu9sodfjasdf OR aslkfjsp09dfoqwoijwe[aosdf. You can't go wrong. Just follow your heart.

2nd- Select who you are from the drop down menu. If you want to leave a comment anonymously (or don't have an account set up), click "anonymous".

3rd- Click "post a comment", type in your nonsense "CAPTCHA" word into your comment box and make up a definition for it or use the word in a sentence. Submit that mess.

Can I go first?  Here are my three:

A maserati full of el hombres, sombreros y guitarras from a mariachi band.  Picture the car on the left filled with everything in the picture on the right.
I really wanna go to tha hog wrasslin' tournament with ya, brother, but mama said I'dda hafta skin that hog all by myse-yelf once ah done caught tha thang!!  HINCISHI said that, I don't wanna go!  Nah, I'd eat that thar hog, but I don't want NO PART in skinnin' the nasty beast!  That's plum DEEEEEEEEESGUSTIN'! 

Ulysses S. Grant's twin sister.  Picture the guy on the right with a long, blonde, curly wig and you'll visualize old Uni, as she liked to be called (pronounced "you-nee").  I couldn't find a picture of UNESSES, but I hear they looked exactly alike.  My research reveals that she was actually just outside of this picture sticking her tongue out at him and making other obnoxious faces.  He did not appreciate it oooooooooooone bit.

(But, first, a few words from the management...)

Many thanks to Tiffany from On The Verge for featuring me as her "blush" (or blog crush) of the week!  She linked my "Real Women of Genius" post for her readers to enjoy.  She also said I was crazy numerous times in her post about me, but I'mma let it slide!  Thanks, Tiffany!!


**A WORD FROM THE JANITOR: If you are NOT a co-worker yet, we are still hiring. Economic times might be harsh elsewhere, but not here in the break room.  The benefits of becoming employed here are vast, I tell you.  Vast.  So, don't delay.  Once you sign up to follow this blog, you are a cherished member of our customer service-oriented team. We will make your badge on the spot.  Wear this at all times, please.  We hope you will come to all of the meetings and will speak up.  This "break room" is a much better place to be when YOU are a part of it.  We're so glad to have you.  You look stunning.  Welcome.  Grab you a Coke.