Captcha Balderdash #3 Wrap-Up
These Captcha Balderdash words may not be "real" words NOW, but with the very creative, entertaining and hilarious definitions you all made for them, it's just a matter of time!  I read the other day that there are MILLIONS of "non-words" collecting dust in vaults owned by the Oxford University Press just WAITING for their time to shine in a dictionary somewhere or on the lips of more and more people (the article is here).  Examples of words just waiting to make the team but still sitting on the cotton-pickin' bench are: "earworm" (a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head- EXCUSE ME! I must hurl!), "dringle" (watermark left on a table by a glass) and "furgling" (the act of fumbling in your pockets for keys or loose change).  Since, these are NOT words, please do not make the most AWFUL mistake of using the words in "real life", especially not EAR WORM, for cryin' out loud! 

Your words and definitions
are way better...

NALLOO by Rene with "Not the Rockefellers": the acronym for the bathroom at the National Aerospace Labs

GEDOMAGG by Kelly: Even less successful than Betamax

UNIANDUCT by Han:Who doesn't know that unibrows & duct tape go together? How else would you tame those suckers?

STRISS by Bryan: Girl, I can't handle all the striss these kids put me thru!

SOCA-PIT-SQUEEK  by The Cheeseboy of "The Blog of Cheese": the sound that soccer moms make while they are watching their kids play soccer and one of the moms mentions Brad Pitt.

PANDST by Fabuleslie with "Give Me Paws": Wow! That pandst is ridiculous! It's way too gooey and slimey, but it does looks sweet and delicious. How can you even think about eating something like that when you have your wedding coming up so soon, though?! You won't be able to fit into your dress!

ONVUE by Kristen with "Fine, How Are You?"- Pronounced (on-view) This happens when you are being seen with a critical eye by others. (usually while doing something out of the ordinary) Typically occurs when you are in the company of other women and you might have dated their husband before, or even worse he paid you a compliment in front of his significant other. Used in a sentance: As I left the restroom, I knew soon I would be onvue and I would have to just act as natural as possible.

TRAMPEDE (anonymous): When you are trampled in a stampede.

FIBROSUB by Roxane of "Days": a prefabricated home constructed in the likeness of a large sandwich, hold the mayo. Typically, the neighborhood eyesore that deflates surrounding market values.

FITENT also by the very funny & original Roxane above: adverb (pronounced-fittin)- on the verge of or reasonably close to. 
"Billy Bob! You'd better be gittin that thar room clean, ya herr?" 
"Maaaw! Amma fitent-tuh! I's jus tryin tuh get mah shotgun oiled fer dove seesin. Just a cottin-pickin minit!"

REFFLIE by W.C.C. of "The Pajama Monoblogs": "Refflie" is the spirited trumpet solo to call ravenous soccer fans to gather and admonish the game officials for a bad offside kick call. The crowd will chant in unison "Reff Lie, Reff Lie, Reff Lie" until the refferee walks off the field and falls asleep on his 'nappy-time' cot (along with the rest of the soccer Super Fans).

PEENTSO by Jess S. of "Mal-Diction": Is this new fad which turning 25 has obviously left me out of the loop on. "Peentso" is a vernacular combination of two real English words: "pants so", only no one says the proper English anymore. Apparently having pants so big that you have to wear basketball shorts under them to cover your leopard print boxers is in now. And the girls love it. They love it so much they say things like "Oh boy, your peentso big!". In fact, a jeans company has taken up the word and is now using it as their brand name.

BROUND by Mrs. Werginz of "Diary of  Newly Wed": a round pizza holding device used in place of the box!

PYROTO by Melissa E. of "In the Short Rows":  (pronounced py-ro-toe): Term often used to describe specific super hero powers where said super hero can catch objects on fire using only his/her big toe.

TRANTER by Elizabeth Saadeh of "The Saadeh Circus": The toilet that doubles as a planter in the front yards of most double-wides in Appalachia. It's often seen along with retired F-250's that have been given the place of honor on cinder blocks, silk flowers in the garden, the spitoon on the porch, and the occasional bath tub.

EVEHRR by ThePeachy1 of "Being Peachy": when most commonly used by kids in a car in a trip and prefaced by we wont be there for- EVEHRR... ( must be whined at high octave to be used properly. )

TROOMM by the same talented & peachy lady above:  we ALL know TROOMM. When the kids are playing ball in the yard and the window gets busted out the mom is so mad she is screaming every name of ever kid she has ever met even though those aren't the right names, she ends it with "GO TROOM !" and you can go there 4 EVEHRR ! ( from my last captcha)

DISES by Missy of "Wonder, Friend!": (pronoun) dis-iz'  A pronoun commonly used by the under three set. Example: Dises mine toys. I not want shares dem.
Dises, however, is not unique to the young. In certain regions of the United States, the word is used by adults, as well. Example: Dises mine gun. Get offa mine land or Ima shoot dis here gun atchoo.

PLATESTS by the very WONDERful & witty Missy above: (noun) plate-ists: People committed to the use of plates, and plates only. Platests cannot abide the use of bowls, even when all the plates are dirty. Platests also tend to prefer basic, round, standard-sized plates. Please, no square plates. No bowl-ish plates, with a little lip on them. Those bowl-plate hybrids greatly offend the platests.

PRALIZE by Vicki of "Glitter Frog" ~ An oral lubricant that makes it easier for people with messed up mouths to swallow pralines.

QUINTANTA by The Redhead: (noun) a mexican pastry, served in groups of five, biscuit like texture with a honey cinnamon topping.

BEERACKNO by Booyah's Mommy of "The Adventures of Chip & Bobo" beerackno" - an abbreviated form of "beeracknomore". A wistful expression uttered by a mom who misses the breastfeeding days. B rack no more. It's all A cup from here on out.

Do you hear the phone ringing?  I think that's the Oxford University Press calling me now!