This cheerleading boy makes me LOL

Wassssssssssuuuup??  Whatchu been doin'?  Hmmm?  That last post where I talked like Nadine & Flo got me all inspired. I love talking in lots of different voices.  Ask my family.  It drives most of them "uppa wa"!  Since typing that post, I want to type out conversations I make up between Nadine and Flo all the live-long day.  I won't start today.  And, if you play your cards RAHT, I won't start ever.  No, no, today is for something else.  Today is for guest posting over at "LOL: The Best of the Sit-Down Comedians".  The Laffy Lady will be posting my "Top 10 Rules of Elevator Etiquette" for all the world to read (well, actually, it's a very small portion of the world, relatively speaking.  Remember the aboriginal tribes of Australia do not surf the internet on a regular basis, irregular basis or any type of basis, most of China does not read English, the overwhelming majority of Americans or even people in my city have no clue I breathe air and snow monkeys do not read...yet.)  I am so grateful to "LOL" for featuring me on their fun site.  This was my third opportunity to sit in LOL's living room.  The first post she featured from me was "Personal Space Invaders" followed by "Top 5 Reasons for My Gym Anxiety" a couple of months later.  You will not regret checking out LOL's sight on a regualr basis.  There are always fun people writing about theee-yis, thay-yat or 'nother!  Go own!  Check 'eeem ay-yout!  (Okay, I'll stop that mess right now)

Before I run off like a lady trying to escape a "home party" (think Stella & dot, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.) before buying not a dang thang, please let me share with you my favorite American's Funniest Home Video EVER.  Hahahahahahaaaa!!!  It cracks me up.  Surrrsssly. 

Back in the 1980's:

Here he is now (and on Oprah!):

Haaaaaaahahahaha!!! I really do love that video.

Don't you just love America's Funniest Home Videos??

Okay, if you've got the time, haven't read the elevator post yet OR haven't seen LOL's lovely site, click here, mis amigos!