Bebe Toupees & Blogs

This week I am "guest posting" over at Southern MOMentum (a blog that has a "unique blend of witty, realistic approaches to life and a dedication to sharing stories and short-cuts that shed light and laughs on surviving Motherhood") and Laugh Out Loud ("the best of the sit-down comedians"). My post for Southern MOMentum is titled "What if I really AM a super hero?" and LOL is featuring my "Personal Space Invaders" post from back in May. Although I could link to my actual post on this blog, I'm linking you to that post over on LOL's site. It's definitely a fun little place on the "interwebs" (as a blogging friend from New Zealand calls it) that I'd love for you to discover if you haven't already.

(Psst! Dad! If you're reading this right now, you get to those actual posts by clicking on the names of the blogs. I wanted to tell you this quietly to keep my tips between us. Love, your most thoughtful daughter, Kelley)

Since you nice people took the time to stop by my little blog here, let me entertain you for a quick moment at my son's expense. When he was three, I stuck a wig I found at my grandmother's house on top of his head, laughed hysterically with my family and tried to keep him still while my husband snapped pictures of our little dude like a maniac.  If you could see his eyes, you'd know he was absolutely thrilled with these pictures (I'm giving you a you-know-I'm-lyin' look right now.  See me?).  If I could see your eyes, I could see you giving me "the look" for blocking his face like I did in the picture above.  I know I may have gone too far with hiding his identity, but things live forever in the internet.  He may not appreciate that picture as much as me down the road.  I felt it was best.  Can we just move on and quit arguing about it?
Perhaps it was this moment with my son and my grandmother's wig that inspired me to dream up one of the many companies I construct in my head but never actually create.  The company I created in my head, but was never actually serious about, was called "Bebe Toupee". The sole mission of Bebe Toupee was going to be the outfitting of children and toddlers with the proper locks when what they've got just won't do for spiking, corn-rolling, pig-tailing, comb-overs, French braidin' or just straight-up brushing. I just thought the name of the company was perfect! Surely there had to be a company out there that specialized in such a thing, right? Well, close. Google told me there was a company called "Baby Toupee". Why they didn't name it "BEBE Toupee" is BEYOND me!  So, if you have been daydreaming of your child looking like Lil' Kim or are interested in what it appears "Baby Toupee" can do for the social life of your wee offspring or the wee offspring of people you know or the wee offspring of the offspring of people you know or the wee offspring of people THEY know, go to their website linked above and getchu one!  Real hair drools, toupees rule!