Celebrating The Comedic Genius, Joan Rivers: A Multiple Book Giveaway

A couple of years ago, I went inside a large but cramped used book store. As I stared at the rows and rows of books, I thought, "THIS is why I don't want to write a book. It will just end up dusty and forgotten in a place like this one." (Plus, the other reason, of course: no one would buy it.)

 What I had not realized then was that all of the books hanging out all lonely on the warped fake oak shelves served their purposes to someone at some point in time and, hopefully, they would get a chance to do that a second time.

One such book?

This one.

I spotted this 1974 book by Joan Rivers in the small collection of books by comedians. Who knows how long Heidi had been flashing her stuff to people shuffling down the stark white tiled floors of that store? Finally, FINALLY, Heidi had a new home.

Like many of you, I love reading books by comedians. I loved Paul Reiser's Couplehood, Jerry Seinfeld's SeinLanguage, Bill Cosby's Fatherhood and Ellen DeGeneres' book My Point...And I Do Have One that I bought in 1995, among others. I devour books like these. They are not only funny, but they fascinate me. Their wit, their skills and their transparency are sort of intoxicating.

Why did it take me so long to read a book by Joan Rivers?

I think it is because I didn't realize how truly hilarious she was. I think that I truly began to appreciate Joan Rivers' humor when I saw her on The Apprentice. She made me laugh out loud over and over again. She was hilarious off-the-cuff. 

(She could sometimes also be mean, if we are being honest. I am sure that, if I were famous, she would have made fun of me. I have heard her say before that she only made fun of people that were really, really famous. She was self-deprecating, too. I guess that is why she felt the liberty to just put it all out there.)

I still thought she was funny.

Really funny.

And relevant.

(Do you think my grandmother knows who Selena Gomez is?)

(And Iggy Azalea?)

To celebrate Joan Rivers' life and her talents, we would love to give away SIX of her books spanning from 1987 to 2014. The very funny Rebecca (from Frugalista Blog) and I will randomly pick six winners to receive one of these books until all six are given away using Rafflecopter. It is the easiest way to do it, though we do understand that it's a little annoying. We will start from the most recent to the earliest work. 

We will pick the winner by next Friday at noon (central time) and will send the book you won out to you right away.

Here is a close up look at the books:

Good luck!

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