The Houston Street Name Pronunciation Quiz (And a giveaway of 10 family four packs of tickets to the Houston Children's Museum!)

I'm feeling all sorts of Houston pride today. When people tell me that they aren't from here, I feel a little cocky when I say, "I was born at the Methodist Hospital down in the Medical Center." I mean, get a grip, right? I know. It's that Houston is my home and I like it here, even if I technically live in another city and can't vote for anyone in Houston ever. (My sons were born in the Medical Center, too. One at Texas Woman's Hospital and one at Methodist. Uh-huh. That's right.)

I know some people talk smack about Houston, but they can go ahead. I bet those people don't remember this song with fondness: "We're the...Houston Oilers. HOUSTON OILERS! Houston Oilers, #1!!!! Yes, we're the...Houston Oilers. Houston Oilers! Houston Oilers #1!!! 5, 6, 7, 8, we're the best in the Lone Star State!" Oh, how I loved that baby blue.

I love the zoo.

I love the train.

I love the (not-so-great, okay, awful) sports teams.

I love the rodeo.

(Sidenote: The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo kicks off tonight with Brad Paisley. I REALLY WANTED TO GO SEE BRAD PAISLEY. My husband was talking about the bad weather this and the bad weather that and now we're not going the first night. Boo. I like Brad Paisley. I have seen soooooo many country performers at the rodeo over the years. George Strait, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Wynona Judd, Miranda Lambert... I also saw Janet Jackson. I love, love some Janet Jackson, too.)

I love the historical home and architecture tours.

(See this post about a hospital built over a cemetery. I was sort of obsessed with that place for a while. It is close to where Houston began.)

I love the Segway tours downtown. (Yes, I do. Oh, yes, I do.)

I love the Hobby Center.

I love Jones Hall.

I love the Miller Outdoor Theater.

I love the Alley Theater.

I love the Medical Center.

I love the Astrodome.

I love the cheap flowers on Fannin.

I love the Museum of Natural Science.

I love the Health Museum.

I love Houston's. (It's a restaurant.)

And eating outside at Niko Niko's downtown.

And the Spaghetti Warehouse.

And, I don't feel like getting trendy and naming off really great unique places to eat at all over city in places like the Heights, Midtown and wherever else. I've been to those places, too, alright? Don't be getting snooty with me. It's not like I named The Olive Garden. (But, seriously, I love their salad.)

I love the enthusiasm, monkeys and the money-jumping entrepreneur at Gallery Furniture.

And, I love the Children's Museum of Houston.

I really love that last one. It has changed so much over the years. It keeps getting better, bigger, more original, exciting and stimulating to minds of all ages. (If you are looking for me there, I'll be at the very bottom trying to perfect the paper airplane and fighting for use of the paper airplane launcher.) I think my favorite part of all is the mini grocery store and the restaurant across from it. My kids can serve some plastic breadsticks and immovable spaghetti like nobody's business.

That's why, after you take the "Houston Street Name Pronunciation Quiz", I'd love for you to enter the giveaway for one of 10 family four-packs of tickets to the Houston Children's Museum. I was excited when they contacted me a few weeks ago asking to partner with me. Most of you should be able to see the Children's Museum banner at the top of this blog advertising their March 8th through 23rd "Destination Celebration Spring Break Bash", but, if you can't, know that they are doing some really fun things over there for Spring Break. They have added some fun new things, such as bungee trampolines. I get butterflies just thinking about that one.

(I'm also telling you about the fun things going on over at the Children's Museum of Houston over Spring Break so that when Jennifer and Heather tell you about their couples trip to Grand Cayman over Spring Break, you can come back with, "I RODE AROUND IN A HAMSTER BALL, JENNIFER AND HEATHER!!")

Even if you don't end up getting your Houston card at the end of the quiz, you are still eligible to win one of those 10 family four-packs of tickets. (I'm basically giving away 40 tickets. That is a lot of tickets.) I just ask that you study up before you walk through their doors.

If you aren't from here, took the quiz and end up earning your Houston card, let me know. I'll meet you at Houston's for a Club Salad. The water is on me. I'm kidding. I'll cover the cost of the Equal packets. Oh, I'm kidding again. I'll get your salt and pepper. (Someone throw water in my face.)

To enter the giveaway, you will need to go to my Facebook page by clicking HERE. I am trying the giveaway out like this for the first time. I've seen it done elsewhere and thought it was worth a try. I will pick a winner of the tickets by this Friday at 10 p.m.

Ready to take the quiz? Wipe your sweaty palms off on a towel or something and get started:


The Houston Street Name Pronunciation Quiz

I'm sort of obsessed with how things are pronounced, so when I saw an article about Houston street names, it was like I had hit the lottery while being given a hot fudge sundae at the same exact moment. This quiz is based on Houstonia's June 2013 article "What's In A (Street) Name?" The point of the quiz is to figure out if you deserve your Houstonian card. Remember, we're not looking for the *correct* pronunciation of the word but the way true Houstonians say it.

  1. How do you pronounce Almeda Road?

  2. A. Al-a-meeda
    B. Al-mee-da

  3. Alright. Sounds good. How do you say Beauchamp?

  4. A. Beecham
    B. Bo-shomp

  5. Hmmm... Okay. Interesting. How do you pronounce Bissonnett?

  6. A. Biss-uh-net
    B. Bi-SON-net

  7. How about Chartres? How do you say that one?

  8. A. SHART (shart!)
    B. Charters

  9. (Did #4 actually say "shart"?) How do you say Chenevert?

  10. A. Shehn-a-vair
    B. Chin-uh-vurt

  11. Alrighty. Next one: Dunlavy.

  12. A. Dun-lay-vy
    B. Dun-lav-vy

  13. What do you think is the right way to say Elgin?

  14. A. Elgg-in
    B. El-jin

  15. Be careful with this one: FUQUA?

  16. A. Any variation that includes $@!&
    B. Few-kway

  17. I've been here a trillion times: Humble. How do you say it?

  18. A. Silent H?
    B. Noisy H?

  19. Last one: Milam.

  20. A. Mile-uhm
    B. Mee-lahm
    The automatic quiz grader isn't working right, so here are the answers: 1. B, 2. A, 3. A, 4. B, 5. B, 6. A, 7. B, 8. B, 9. A, 10. A

If you got an 80% or above, you can meet me over on Kuykendahl for your Houston card. (Let's not even get into that one.)

Remember to go to Facebook to enter to win one of 10 family four packs to the Children's Museum of Houston! Click HERE.