My Most Creative Way To Punish Children

A few months ago, NickMom asked their writers to submit some videos of ourselves answering different questions to use in their new show "Parental Discretion with Stephanie Wilder-Taylor". I submitted a few and they will be peppered throughout the season in the "Mom Confessions" slot of the show. Wendi Aarons has been featured a few times and I love me some Wendi Aarons. I think I laugh out loud at all of her posts. She's a Texas girl, too! As I wasn't sure which show I would see it, I have been DVR'ing it and watching them all. I LOVE THE SHOW. Seriously, seriously, seriously. It makes me laugh out loud. My husband has even watched it and laughed! He's not a free laugh giver!

One of my favorite parts of the show are the old commercials they show or old clips from TV shows. Here's one of Ms. Francis from "The Ding Dong School" about going to the dentist below. "The Ding Dong School" was on from 1952 to 1956. It was canceled to make room for "The Price Is Right"! I guess the network made the right decision there. Something tells me "The Ding Dong School" would not still be going strong in 2014.

And here's me giving you my most creative punishment for children:

Would you agree with this method?

A couple of other things...

*Some of you may have followed my personal training journey with Fitness 101. It was such a good experience that created a definite change in me. Although I am not meeting with Sean on a weekly basis any longer, my plan is to continue the yoga sessions. I absolutely love yoga and the time in the class. It is very peaceful and strengthening at the same time. I feel like I'm in a dance class, which I love. I was in dance from the time I was a little girl through my second year in college. I miss it! You can go here to see all of my Fitness 101 posts, which include some super funny videos that still get lots of traffic, lists, recipes and very helpful, practical tips and ideas from Sean. These will always be accessible by clicking "My Fitness 101 Posts" on my sidebar.
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