6 Surprising "Eat This, Not That" Photos FOR SNACKS (Featuring Green Giant and Dr. V of Bravo's L. A. Shrinks)

Thanks Green Giant and Dr. Venus Nicolino of Bravo's L.A. Shrinks for a chance to work with you all!

Well, hello there. You walked in just as I was looking my prescription over from Dr. V. You remember Dr. V, right? Her name is Venus Nicolino and she is one of the head dogs on L. A. Shrinks, a fun and informative show on Bravo. You remember her now? Her picture is in the top right hand corner of the prescription pad below.
I need to get a prescription pad. I'd be all, "Um, you're getting on my last nerve. Here's a prescription for get out of here already." I could see this really coming in handy. Thankfully, Dr. V hasn't written any prescriptions to me yet like that during this 4-week journey to make Green Giant a regular part of our snacks and meals on a weekly basis.
Since you didn't get the hint and you're still standing there, do you want to look at this prescription with me? Dr. Nicolino wrote it! If only she had hand-delivered it, I could have gotten a picture with her and put it on Facebook and stuff. People would "like" it and then maybe someone would send me something really awesome, just because they knew that I knew her. Maybe I would even be interviewed on the "O" channel.
 Dr. V wants me to see how I can make familiar recipes from back in the day a little more Green Giantish. If I were to Green Giant up some of the food I ate when I was a kid, it would be the Deluxe Mexican Plate from El Toro. That's what I ate as a kid. I'd get that plate because I could never make the decision between the torta and the taco, so I got all of them suckers. My mom must have said "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" no less than a zillion times to me between the ages of 8 and 14. It would be hard to Green Giant up that Mexican plate, though. Let me think of another dish...
Pepper steak!
My mom was making pepper steak left and right. Is it Monday? PEPPER STEAK. Is it Tuesday? PEPPER STEAK. What are we eating Wednesday? PEPPER STEAK. What about Thu- PEPPER STEAK. She probably gave us more breaks there, but we ate an awfullotta pepper steak. My mom could have totally saved herself some time and grabbed some frozen bell peppers and onions for fajitas and used that for the pepper steak, instead of chopchopchopchopping it all up. She would have had more time to teach me to how to win at Skip Bo if she hadn't been doing that, you know?
It's true that Green Giant frozen vegetables help save time, are just as healthy as fresh and you can practically eat one ton of them and not gain a single pound. The graphic below is really eye-catching and informative. I was mesmerized in it for a long time.

If you are having trouble reading this graphic, please get out your telescope.
Since it may be hard to see the 6 "Eat this, not that" snacks up close, I tried to enlarge them for you. 

I found that graphic to be surprising. You could eat a wheelbarrow full of vegetables before you match the caloric content on some of those items.

So, what kind of cheater are you?? I'm thinking that big, huge, green man saw some of my feedback and chose the cheater titles of "One-Timer", "Secret Eater" and "Kid's Meal Finisher" from descriptions in past posts. Not sure if that Green Giant speaks English, or I would ask him.
Lest you think that I am frozen vegetable pushing hypocrite, you must see what I had for lunch today. Given that I work part-time as a speech pathologist at a school (and a hospital), I hardly have any time for lunch. I only eat what I pack for myself. My go-to protein has been the tuna they have in flavored packets- lemon pepper, sweet and sour, etc. mixed with something else. Today I just mixed it with frozen vegetables and thought the outcome was great. I would have asked myself for seconds but I didn't bring any.

My only suggestion to Green Giant and, hey, they may already be doing this, but that is to have snack-sized cups but with only vegetables in it. I know I would like to just heat up a few vegetables at a time sometimes for a snack without having to defrost a huge bag of them. Or even a big bag of them. I want little now. I like little snack containers, so that after school you can hear me,
"Kid, you think I'm handing you a chocolate pudding? Think again, son. It's VEGETABLES."
So, this week...it's more vegetables and it's more modifying older recipes to make them more Green Giant friendly. I can do that!
Here are some reasons that you need to click over to Green Giant RIGHT NOW (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, and one additional nudge):
Remember, all of this effort is sooooo worth it!