5 Fun Things You Can Do With Frozen Peas (Besides Eat Them)

Thanks Green Giant and Dr. Venus Nicolino of Bravo's L.A. Shrinks for a chance to work with you all!
Well, this is it. 

This is my last week to partner together with That Jolly Big Green Guy (TJBGG) and Dr. V of Bravo's L.A. Shrinks. Secretly, I hope that TJBGG, Dr. V and I will meet at a Starbucks one day and just kick it for a while, you know? Away from the hustle and bustle of vegetable canning, freezing and eating? Yet, I have a feeling this will never happen. They lead very busy lives. Too-busy-for-me kind of lives, you know? I know for a fact that TJBGG keeps himself busy in constant litigation with Santa Claus. They have been fighting for years over who gets the rights to "Ho Ho Ho". 

So, for now I will just have to settle on the memories I have made with TJBGG and Dr. V to get me through my low times. 

Most of my memories of TJBGG involve me trying to find him some pants. He really is an awkward size. He's sort of between "Big & Tall" (B&T) and "Holy Biscuits, You're Gigantic!" (HBYG). No one carries HBYG. Not even Wal-Mart.

Most of my memories of Dr. V involve her prescription pad full of wisdom and wit written JUST FOR ME. Be still, my heart.

This is what she had to tell me this week:

According to that prescription, TBJGG and Dr. V already met for coffee (on her driveway). They didn't ask me!! The hurt I am feeling is enormous. The only thing keeping me from never getting out of bed is the fact that Green Giant is sending me A YEAR'S SUPPLY OF FROZEN VEGETABLES. I can't stay in bed and put frozen vegetables in the freezer at the same time.

Seriously, though, that is awesome! Think of all the chicken pot pie that I can make now! I am also looking forward to making these recipes below that I saw on the #GiantDifference website with all of those frozen vegetables they'll be sending.


What if I have so many frozen vegetables that I run out of room for storing them? What if the frozen peas are bursting out of the bottom freezer drawer on my refrigerator? What will I do then?
I thought of some things...
#1 We could use them for a kid's party game.
#2 My husband could juggle them.
#3 My kids could shoot them out of straws.
#4 They could be hidden like really tiny Easter eggs.
#5 We could use them to take care of a messed up back from a tattoo we got for free from  a van in a parking lot, like Rebel Wilson did in Bridesmaids:

So, needless to say, I am pretty excited about working with Green Giant and Dr. V! This has been a great four weeks learning how to incorporate vegetables more into my every day life and SNACKING on vegetables more than I have before. Thank you so much for following along on this journey! And, Dr. V, THANK YOU for the time you have given reading my blog and helping me, along with my family, become healthier eaters. I can't wait to see you more on L. A. Shrinks!
Please take a second to visit the Green Giant site by going here. It would mean a lot. Thank you, thank you!!