The Top Chef Drinking Game

In, like, less than 2 hours, the Top Chef season finale will start! I will be live tweeting it, so be sure to find me at @kelleysbreakrm during or after the show to get your Top Chef chatting on. It's hard to believe this day is here! I know not all the readers of my blog are Top Chef fanatics. I wasn't one before this season, so I get it. Some of you may not be drinkers, either, and that's awesome, too. I like to kick one back here and there, but I'm never been on Cops or anything. So, if you want to subsitute another kind of drink for every time you hear these words below with something else, like, say, Big Red, that's totally cool. (I L-O-V-E Big Red.) Swap out the levels of drunkenness with levels of hyperness. (Are either of those even words at all??) Here you go:

What words would you suggest for this game?
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