Glacial Gourmand: Top Chef Highlights & A Gift

Homies, it's been a crazy week. Before we get on with the show here, I wanted to let you know that I just signed a licensing agreement for a book that will be coming out later this spring. I'm not the primary author. Not even close. (There are a bunch of us.) I just wanted to make sure you kept your eyes out for it. The book is going to be tee-hee-hee funny.

The other thing going on in my life is this Top Chef bidness. Now, I know you've been wondering if Bravo came to confiscate Break Room Kelley and replaced her with Top Chef Kelley. Top Chef Kelley is a girl that always talks about Top Chef and doesn't write on her blog about the nonsensical things she used to write about. The deal is, I want to write about all of that stuff. I have a list a mile-long of blog ideas! I just don't have enough time in the day to write about the fun stuff I want to write about, do my Top Chef Kelley thing, work my part-time job and do normal life stuff.

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But, that will all soon change, because...

Top Chef will be over in, like, two weeks. February 27th is the finale. I am in full forward motion on this Top Chef stuff because the prize is so super awesome! It's two tickets on the Top Chef cruise this April and tickets to Miami. I have never been to Miami. I just have seen it on First 48. You know, that show that documents a murder investigation 48 hours after it happens? They're always showing Little Havana in Miami on that show. So, if I do win, the first thing I'll say to the cab driver is, "STEER CLEAR OF LITTLE HAVANA, MISTER, AND TAKE ME TO TOM COLICCHIO!" (Just for all of that yelling, he'll take me the long way around and make us pay out the yin-yang. I just know it.)

A few highlights from the show, which I will flesh out in individual blog posts, because, like, there is so much to each one. I could write a book about each Top Chef episode, I think!

Helicopter ride: Brooke, Josh & Sheldon went to Alaska in a helicopter and then to their final destination for the Quickfire via dog sled. Have you been on either?? (Brooke won the Quickfire. Again.)

Inspiring stories: Roy Choi (I'm loving that name!), who started the gourmet food truck movement (huh?), told a story about how he was a scumbag. He then saw Emeril cooking on TV and became inspired to do the same. He's now a millionaire. That's the short story. More to come.

Baby for Josh: Chef Josh's baby, Georgia, was born during the taping of this episode. If you had a husband competing on a show like this one, would you care if he missed the birth of your child?

Cooking every night: The chefs were supposed to cook a meal that signified when they first wanted to become a chef. Brooke said that she had always wanted to be a chef. The other chefs began talking about their inspiration. Almost every one of them said their mother cooked at home just about every night. Do you cook at home a lot?

Foie Gras: Josh made three versions of "foie gras" last night on the show. I didn't know what this was before last night. I had heard of it but never tried to figure out what it meant. It is goose liver. Duck liver. One of those. It is apparently quite controversial, too. And has a weird texture. That's enough for me. I ain't orderin' that stuff ever! Josh's dish didn't win him the a spot in the finale. He had to pack his knives. Sheldon and Brooke are now onto the next round!

Look for more posts to come on Last Chance Kitchen last night, Emeril's story and other background info on the show. I am getting sad that it will be ending soon!

As for Top Chef Kelley, some of you have asked how you can help me become #1 in this whole situation. The past two weeks, I have been #2. No one likes #2! No one wants to be #2! If I'm this close, I want to git 'er done, youknowwhati'msayin?


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I'm not loving that #2 spot.

At all.

So here's how you can help:
-comment on the posts
-share the posts

That's easy, right? Anywhere a comment can be made is a good place to make a comment- Facebook, this blog, Google plus, Twitter, etc. As for sharing, you can share any of the posts I have written about Top Chef (all compiled under the Top Chef tab in my navigation bar) on Twitter, Facebook, by e-mail, Google plus- wherever! On Facebook, it is easy to do by just pushing the "share" button under any Top Chef-related post on my page. On Twitter, a retweet does the trick. On Google +, a +. I will be adding posts to that tab often, so please check back when you can.

I see all of you and the support you have given me. I appreciate it more than you know! I want to reciprocate in any way I can and I plan to do that!

For now, all I can do is give TWO of you awesome people a copy of Emeril's newest book, Emeril's Kicked Up Sandwiches: Stacked With Flavor.

All I ask that you do is leave a comment below, like my Kelley's Break Room Facebook page and share your heart out! I will leave this little gift open until next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. central. I will contact the winners next Wednesday. Thank you!!

**I am required to disclose that I am a Bravo-sponsored blogger. All opinions are my own.**

Another little fun thing they're doing over there at Bravo is giving $10,000 to the fan favorite from this season. It is super easy to vote. All you do is go HERE, click that you are 18 years or older and click the name of the chef you would like to see win. There are so many that I truly adore (Sheldon! Stefan! Brooke!), but I'm voting for Lizzie. Lizzie has become my Twitter buddy lately! She is great! Do yourself a favor and follow @ChefLizzieB on Twitter, too. :)