Top 9 Reasons Atari Is Better Than Your Kid's Game System

Dear Awesome People,

My week is REALLY crazy right now. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I have a post over at NickMom called Top 9 Reasons Atari Should Be The Only Game System Again. I'd want to be your BFF if you checked it out. I'd at least want to buy you a Cinnabon. 

Please tell me you remember Atari. My favorite game was Ms. Pac-Man and, actually, it still is... Every time I seen an arcade, I frantically look around for my homegirl, Ms. PM, and then beg someone for quarters. If I am not able to find any, I shine shoes for some change. That's how much she means to me. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'd knock people down to get to her.


I even wrote a post about my good friend, Yellow Sphere (my name for her), back in June 2010 called Ms. Pac-Man & Me.

Well, I better be going. My 4-year-old son peed on the windowsill last night while he was sleepwalking, so I need to clean that up.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your friend,

P.S. What was your favorite Atari game??