The long squishy walk

When I was retelling this story to my husband last night, we were laughing so hard that I was actually crying. I know it's terrible. You had to have been there. We were acting it out. I do feel bad for the people involved, though. It was a pretty awful scene.


Many years ago when I was working at a hospital, this story you are about to read happened to a co-worker of mine. Actually, it happened to a student that was observing a co-worker of mine. This hospital is a "teaching hospital", so we would always have students from nearby universities following us around to see how we did our job. I am keeping details vague. You know...protecting the innocent kind of thing. Before we took a student to observe a patient with us, we'd always share with them that they were about to see things that might make them queasy.




Fun stuff, you know?

They'd always say, "Oh, yeah. That stuff doesn't bother me. I'll be fine."

They were always so nervous.

On this particular day, my co-worker went through all of that with her student, who readily agreed to accompany my friend into a patient's room. A patient that had just had major surgery and had lines of all sorts connected to him.

She stood there with my friend. Very rigidly.

Moments into the session...


She fainted. She fainted right there in the patient's room after a few seconds of observing this poor man who had just been through a pretty traumatic surgery.

That probably made him feel great.

But, that wasn't it.


She lost bladder control.

And bowel.

The poor girl fainted, pooped and peed on herself!!!

She was humiliated, to say the least. My friend offered to take her back to the clinic to get her some scrubs to change into or something. The girl refused. She put her knees together and squished and squashed all the way back to her car. This hospital is HUGE, so it was a looooooong squishy walk.

Can you imagine the conversations she must have had when people inevitably asked her observation at the hospital went? "With the exception of that moment I soiled myself in front of a crowd of people, it was absolutely delightful!"

Have you ever fainted in public??