How To Avoid Jet Lag After 2-Hour Flight: Tips from my MIL (and..."Finding the Funny"!)

Does anyone remember my mother-in-law? She's the one who stops by movie theaters and hijacks their popcorn. I wrote the post, "Should My Mother-In-Law Go to Jail?" all about her wild and crazy movie theater ways.

I also wrote about her hairdo after the Chinese foot massage:

She's a good sport about that kind of stuff, which really works out. I'd hate to make fun of something someone did without his or her blessing. The thought!

My mother-in-law's latest way of entertaining me comes by listening to her list off the things she must take on an airplane. It has been a LONG time since I've traveled on an airplane alone. I remember packing up TONS of stuff when I flew with my two boys to Arizona last summer. When I travel by myself, though, all I really need besides my purse is...mmm...a book?

Not my mother-in-law.

She needs quite a bit more.

She needs...

*noise canceling earphones
*neck pillow
*nail file
*candy bar
*protein bar
*ink pen

But, the best item of all is this thing:

She wears this respiratory mask when the plane is getting ready to take off, wears it throughout the whole trip and then takes it off at the end. Contrary to what you might think, she doesn't wear it to protect herself from viruses.

It's meant to help her fight jet lag.

From a flight leaving out of Texas and landing in Tennessee.

Jet lag.

"Mom, you can't get JET LAG when you don't even cross a time zone at all," said my husband.

"I do! I get jet lag. Wearing that mask helps me not to get tired after being on an airplane and breathing in everybody's germs."

"I bet people think your really sick or something."

"No, because as soon as my seat mate sits down, I lean over and say, 'I'm not sick. I just don't want to get sick.'" I don't think she reveals the part about jet lag. Seat mates wouldn't understand.

"You must come bounding down the plane when it lands, Mom. Why don't you just wear that mask all the time? Think of your energy levels!" (You do hear his sarcastic tone, don't you?)

She learned that little trick from Dr. Oz.

That's why my husband's comments don't faze her.

She's got Dr. Oz on her side.

She swears by the mask.

My husband swears she can't get jet lag on a 2-hour flight.

I swear that she probably doesn't need to bring those paper towels. Pretty sure airplanes stay stocked with toilet paper, for goodness sakes.

(They could really use a changing table, though. I can tell you that much.)


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