Obama Obama White House Pajama

Imagine this book cover with Obama's head where
the big llama's head is right now.
One of my three-year-old's son's favorite books is "Llama llama red pajama" by Anna Dewdney.  Many times when I read it, I think, hmmm...maybe she should have made a historical children's book to explain how Osama was finally killed on May 1, 2011 during the Obama administration.  Don't our sweet, tender children need the details about the storming of that terrorist compound in Pakistan?  The book could have been called "Obama Obama Destroyed Osama".

Too harsh?

Maybe "Obama Obama White House Pajama" sounds better?  You know, there would be no mention of Osama in the title so as not to turn anyone off right at first.  The ugly details would be revealed later in the book.  Parents could skip some of the pages, if they felt so inclined.

The text of the book would be patterned after Dewdney's story in "Llama llama red pajama", of course.  It would probably read a little something like this:

*The red color was used to help distinguish the names from each other.*
Obama Obama
White House pajama
Listens to the military
Talk about Osama

Osama's hiding
In his lair
Obama Obama
Will find him there.

Obama Obama
White House pajama
Wants justice
For Osama's drama.

Obama Obama starts to think
Osama might be in Pakistan at his kitchen sink.

Obama Obama
White House pajama
Talks to the military
About destroying Osama.

The military says they'll find him soon.
Obama tells them to get him before noon.

Obama Obama
White House pajama
Waiting waiting
to hear about Osama.

Osama hasn't
been found yet
Obama Obama
Starts to fret.

Obama Obama
White House pajama
Whimpers softly
To Michelle about Osama.

Then Obama hears the phone
Obama Obama answers at the first tone.

Obama Obama
White House Pajama
Listens, quiet
About Osama.

Osama Osama
Was found near his bed
Obama, Obama,
Osama's dead!

Obama Obama
Jumps and shouts
Osama Osama
Has been taken out!

Although I'm sure I got some of the details wrong about how it all played out, we all can appreciate the general gist of the story, right?  Osama's gone and it was during the Obama administration when he was captured.  Also, and most importantly, Obama rhymes with Osama, of course.  If this had happened when Bush was president, a book would never be possible.  "Bush Bush White House Pajama" just sounds ridiculous.

So, yeah, I'm hoping Ms. Dewdney gets out her paint brushes and begins to illustrate a slightly different story than is she used to while working magic with her oil paints to create a bedtime story that may result in a later bedtime.  Possibly a much, much, much later bedtime.  Actually, your children may never go back to sleep after this story.  In fact, your children may need counseling after reading this book. 

Still...great idea, right? What? Why are you looking at me like that?