Boo-Boo! See you later!

"Yay!  It's the turkey this time!  Take that turkey!  Hahaha!!
My family and friends get to live to see another da--  Oh, you're
kidding, Ma!  Bill & Betty? Really?  This is TERRIBLE!  Don't people know
they are supposed to eat TURKEY this weekend?  TURKEY!  What an
awful Thanksgiving this has turned out to be.  Bill & Betty.  Really, Ma?"

If you are reading this right now, you are probably on top of your game.  You are all prepared for Thanksgiving tomorrow and actually have time to read a blog or two.  I am so grateful you decided to stop here.  For real, thank you for EVER stopping by my blog.  I have been HORRIBLE at reading blogs lately.  So, having you stop here to read and/or comment when I've been a terrible blog friend lately makes my day.  I will get myself together soon!  I honestly miss being in your blog houses.  Some of you aren't blogging friends but are Facebook/real life friends.  If you are a Facebook friend, there is ANOTHER area that I have completely neglected that I feel terrible about.  A neighbor or a friend will say, "You didn't know about that?  I put it on Facebook." 

I'm terrible.  Just terrible.

What am I doing?  Too much.  I know I'm dividing my on-line time in too many directions.  For one thing, I feel guilty just about every time I'm on the computer.  I know there are other productive things I need to do in the house.  There are family members that I am not talking to at a particular moment because I'm on the computer.  Do I want my sons to remember the side of my head while I'm typing on the computer?  Of course not.  That is depressing.  I should at least turn so they can see my eyes.  I shouldn't be looking at the keyboard anyway, if I learned anything at all from Ms. Parker in my high school typing class.  A memory of me looking at them while my body is still turned toward the computer and impressing them with my amazing typing skills has GOT to be a better memory than the side of my head.  Still, I try NOT to be on the computer too much when the kids are around, or when the husband is around, or when that little dust bunny in the corner is around, which doesn't always leave a lot of computer time.

When I'm on the computer, I may shoot out a blog post, read blogs, check Twitter, check Favstar (a system that tracks stars or "favorites" given on Twitter for one-liners.  I love it!  If you love Twitter and like following the funny, you should totally use it!), check Facebook really quickly, work on a writing assignment, check my dusty e-mail account and then repeat.  I don't spend much time in any one area and am, therefore, not very productive.  I bet all of us can relate to the difficulties of multitasking.  Come on!  Say you can!  Please!  You are making me feel like a complete jerk over here!  Thanks a stinkin' lot! Okay!  Yeah!  Whoooohoooo!  Go!  Fight! Win! Boom!  Bam! Wham!  Slam!  Crash!  Bash!  (I'm just trying to keep the exclamation marks going...)

So, the point of this post is to ask your forgiveness, wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, let you know that I think you're legit (Actually, too legit to quit. Hey! Hey!) AND to tell you one random thing....

Until next week, Boo-Boo!

(My grandmother had a friend that used to say "Boo-Boo" instead of "Bye-Bye". This both entertained me and stressed me out.  Boo-boo?  It sounds too close to boob.  It's like telling someone "bye" by refering to body parts "Boob-Boob!  See you later!  Boob now!".  If you were talking to Bob, it really got weird.  "Boob-boob, Bob!  Boob for now, Bob!  Boob, Bob!  Didn't you hear me say Boob?  I said Boob, Bob!  Aren't you going to say Boob back, Bob?"  I mean. that just doesn't make sense.  He was saying "boo-boo" in the '80s, so I know he wasn't referring to my grandmother as his "boo".  Ha!  I'm loving that image.  My grandmother as someone's "boo".  WHY?  Why did he choose "boo-boo"?  Why couldn't he just say "bye" like the rest of us and spare me this anxiety???)