You like to laugh out loud, right?

Over the last couple of days on Twitter or elsewhere, you may have seen someone mention NickMom, which, until now has been a secret.  It's brand new!  You may have also seen the link to  The Wall Street Journal about NickMom on Facebook.


Well, here's the deal: NickMom is a website that just launched THIS week.  This spot on the web only focuses on things that moms would find funny (and dads, too).  There are lots of videos, pictures, graphs and short posts about mom-related funny stuff.  I think you will LOVE it!  I seriously have laughed out loud over and over again reading through it.  Eventually, the NickMom brand will transition to include comedy television for mothers on the Nickelodeon channel.

There are several writers for the site and I am grateful to be one of them.  Since it is just rolling out, my name is not in the writers section at the bottom yet.  Once a piece from me goes up, it will appear.  What is mine that is on the site right now are the Take 5 news headlines followed by some commentary.  For this week, another writer and I are the news anchors, so to speak. 

In the future when I post anything over at NickMom, I'll list the most current over in the right sidebar under the NickMom badge, just in case you are interested in reading it. The writing I do for Kelley's Break Room will continue to be about really important things like what my husband would like to see in my purse, sock monkeys, pets and deodorant. I saw that worried look on your face. Oh, it was just gas? Nevermind.

Anyway, the point of this post was to introduce NickMom to you, if you hadn't already met, AND to encourage you to send in your funny mom stuff over to the NickMom editorial team.  Dad's can be writers on the site, too, it just has to be written from a mom perspective.  The NickMom editors are always looking for humorous stuff and would LOVE to hear from you, I know!  If you are interested in giving it a shot, go HERE. I read your blogs.  I know you've got some good stuff.