Ms. Tortilla Chip Basket & Tea Refiller!!

It is the time in the break room where another unappreciated woman of industry must be saluted.  We have already taken our hats off in August for the lady who refills the sunflower seed bucket at the salad bar and in September for the woman who highlights receipts at Wal-Mart.  Now that it is October, it is high time that we give a standing ovation to the lady who refills our chip baskets & tea at your local Mexican restaurant.  High time, I tell you. 

Kelley's Break Room presents...
"Unappreciated Ladies of Industry"

(Unappreciated Ladies of Induuuuusstreeee-eeee)
Today we salute, YOU, Ms. Tortilla Chip Basket & Tea Refiller

(Ms. Tortilla Chip Basket & Tea Refiller!!!!!!!)

It's 5:00 somewhere and that somewhere is your house.  You frantically put on your Dickies, your bright red shirt with the logo of your beloved employer blasted above the pocket of your bull-enticing shirt and the red,white and green flag pin on your lapel.  After a quick set of jumping jacks, you yell out a loud "ARRIBA, ARRIBA!!" and run out the door.  You can't be late.

(Our chip basket is em-mmm-mmmptehhhhhhhh!)
As soon as that bell clangs against the door and announces your arrival, you receive menacing eyes from Rosita working the cash register, Juan the owner, Pedro the waiter, Maria the tortilla maker and allllllllllllllllllllllll those chip-hungry and tea-thirsty patrons who have been waiting and waiting and waiting for your arrival.

(Rosita, can'tyougivemealittlehelp)

You start scooping and scooping and scooping those hot, crispy chips like you are digging a hole to China.  Before Lerlene at table #4 can squawk out a "Can yew give us some cheee-yups, puh-leeze.  We have been a-waitin' for theeyum thangs for over tee-yun meeneets!!" you plop a big basket right in her face with one hand and refill her tea glass with the other.  You wish you could tell Lerlene where to shove it, but you know that will affect your share of the tip.

(I hope Lerlene's salsa is extra, extra, extra, extra spiccccccccccyyyyyyyyy!!!!!)

Once everybody has been served, you sit back and enjoy one of Maria's warm and delicious tortillas.  You work hard and you need fuel for round 2 and round 3 and round 4 and round 5 and round 6 and round...

(Go ahead and give me one more tortilla)

We know you work hard, Ms. Tortilla Chip Basket & Tea Refiller.  We know people gorge themselves on chips like it's been years since they've eaten.  We also know that just yesterday the owner, Juan, asked you to ALSO begin refilling the salsa and green sauce cups.  It's all becoming a little too much.  So, that's why next time we go to your Mexican restaurant, we will zip it and wait patiently.  We know you're coming around just as fast as you can.

(Why did Rosita give that lady another tortilla?)

So, crack open a new package of tortilla chips, toss them in the heater and know that you are the REAL reason people like eating at Mexican restaurants.  Enchiladas, tostadas y chile rellenos are alllllllll secondary.

(Ms. Tortilla Chip Basket & Tea Refillllllllllllerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)