The Flying Chalupa Gave Me A Big, Green Picture

Would somebody give me a hand? I have just had the most wonderful, funny, smart and witty lady hand me a big green painting in the hallway right outside the break room.  She just handed the thing to me and said she wanted me to have it to hang up in here sumwarz.
Yes...yes...I like where you decided to put it.  I think it looks good over there on the right, don't you? 
The hilarious and generous lady's name is Tarja and she writes the humor blog, "The Flying Chalupa" (click here to visit that crazy girl). Have you met her yet? She may still be in the hallway. Go meet her! I'll wait here. Well, doggone it, son, you are going to have to get up faster than that if you want to meet her and, believe me, you do!

Okay, hold on, readers. Hold on, there. Hooooold your horses. There is a note attached here that says that I am supposed to name 10 things I like and to pass this big green poster on to 10 other blogs. Well, lawduhmercy. You all don't want to know 10 things I LAHK, but I'll tell you real quick like because it says I MUST do just that riiiiiiight here. 

#1 A good bowl of cereal- Judge me, if you must, but a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oh's or Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs will put me in a good mood right up until the milk runs out (read about how the level of milk supply in this house directly correlates with my mooooooood here).

#2 Book stores- I wish I could set up a hammock right smack dab in the middle of the store and have Barnes & Noble employees trained like Pavlov's dogs. Hear the bell? Ask me what book I want. Hear the bell ring three times? Get me a Chai Tea Frappucino from Starbucks. Hear the bell ring 100 times? My aromatherapy candle caught the dang hammock on fire!!! HELP MEH!!

#3 Refills- I REALLY like the anxiety, anticipation and joy surrounding the refill of my thimble full of Coke on an airplane the most.

#4 Funny Jokes- Especially yours...

#5 Song lyrics- Knowing all of them AND catching people "singing" along to songs they don't know.  I REALLY love that and am guilty of it on a daily basis.  It's funnier when I see you do it, though.  Mos def.  I also love really dumb song lyrics, which you can find in many country songs.  Lyrics like, "Dollar off of ground round, hey cut that coupon out!  That's what I like about Sundays..."

#6  Cookie samples at the mall- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!  I'm a genius, Great American Cookie Company!!!  That one morsel is all I wanted and you gave it to me for FREE!  My sweet craving has now been met with that one, free bite.  You will get none of my money!  Hahahah...hold on...  Oh, son, do you REALLY want that mini M&M cookie with the cream in the middle??  Really??

#7 Ms. Pac-Man- I could sit for a looooong time in front of a Ms. Pac-Man game and play the life out of that sucker.  I wrote a whole post about it here.  I get really irritated with slow games, too, because if it doesn't feel like I'm playing the game circa 1983, I don't want to play it at all, friend. 

#8 Waiting Rooms- If I'm by myself and have a fully charged iPhone, my current book (which is The Help right now) and an endless supply of People & US magazines, I looooooooove waiting!

#9  Veggie Tales- I truly think this is one of the wittiest, most clever children's show on TV.  One of my favorite lines: "You're not going to sing are you?  Couldn't you just play the harp and I'll throw things at you?"

#10  Time with my Boys- I like this most of all!  I love talking to my husband and my two sons, ages 2 & 6.  They all make me laugh daily.  I couldn't have a "10 things I like" list and not include them.  I'd feel like I was half-grub worm, half-slug.

The other part of this deal is that I am supposed to pass this award on to 10 other bloggers.  I realize that the people I may be giving this award to may not dabble in the awards area, but that's okay!  Not sure if guys are into this sort of thing...or even all the women...  Still, these are blogs that I really enjoy reading and some are also fairly new to me.  Check 'em out!

Wonder, Friend

Talk to y'all later!!