My Bloggin' Oscars & Some Other Stuh-yuff

Before I start talking my head right off, let me recognize the person who designed my blog's new look!  Shay Bocks with Dumplin Design Studios deserves a standing ovation, but since the laptop is in my lap, I am going to profusely thank her in letters and spaces.  She created my little blog world and I am so grateful.  I initially told her that I wanted a gigantic hot pink Daffy Duck giving a very small blue Big Bird a high five as my backdrop and Macarena playing as background music.  She gently steered me in another direction without making me feel like a complete nincompoop (now I really feel like a nincompoop for writing the word nincompoop.  Nincompoop.  Nincompoop.  Nincompoop).  I wasn't sure that I wanted to have this blog professionally designed at all.  Who do I think I am anyway?  It's just that after seeing how Shay spruced up my sister's blog, Social-o-Logy Invitations & Design, I was inspired.  Did I mention that Shay is very creative, patient, reliable and easy to work with at all times?  No?  I should have!

After receiving the horrible news that a tiny blue Big Bird wasn't going to be in my blog's future, I received happy news.  I received two blog awards by Days on the Creek!  It is always nice to receive recognition from other bloggers, especially when you are still a freshman in Bloggers High School.  Tennessee Mom at "Days on the Creek" has lots of witty things to say and has also recently written a little ditty about grocery stores!  Stop by and say hello.  She's ree-yul nahs!

Apparently, there are some strings attached to this award, which are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. (Thanks, Tennessee Mom!)
2. Share 10 things about yourself. (I'm cuttin' and pastin' from my "Random 25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me..." Facebook list I wrote a while back.  Nothin's differnt so why not just barree some stuff 'bout mahseff from that old lee-yust?)

  • I eat a KitKat layer by layer.
  • Unfortunately, though the girl group "Salt 'N Pepa" may have faded from your memories, they are still in mine just about every time I ask for someone to pass the salt, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt ( 'n PEPA's here and we're in effect... ). I know it's not a great song, but the repetition of salt so many times is just so catching to me... What great songwriters...sigh...
  • I wish I could be in a typing contest and win some money for it. I feel like I can type like a madman and then if there were a contest, I could buy lots and lots of KitKats and not feel like I was breaking the bank
  • I wanted to be an author/professional book writer when I was younger. I LOVE bookstores! The smell of books is like a drug to me! I want to buy books all the time, but then laundry wouldn't get done and no one would eat in my house. Hey, wait a family is staring at me right now with empty bowls in their hands and in dirty clothes...
  • I get stressed thinking about all the digital pictures I have not uploaded, put into photo books, etc. If it weren't for Facebook, books and now this dang blog, I'd have a perfectly organized shelf full of photo albums.
  • In elementary school, I used to sleep with a bag packed with a change of clothes and books and other things I loved, just in case there was a fire, I wouldn't lose these precious things! Hey, there is more to remember than stop, drop and roll.
  • I love to play Boggle but Chris won't ever play with me. Let me get a Kleenex...sniff, sniff...
  • I like Fruity Pebbles and wished it was as good for me as Grape Nuts. I feel guilt every time I go down the cereal aisle and pick Froot Loops instead of Seaweed and Berries.
  • I love historical things. I'd stop at every historical marker if I could! I made Chris go along with me on a couple of tours with the Greater Houston Historical Alliance or something or other. It was lots of fun, I thought! Clyde, Maude, Sylvester and Dorothy (the other tourists) all agreed. I aspire to be a docent someday
  • I have a really, really heinous Tupperware cabinet. I fear for my little dude's safety, as I know he'll crawl over there before long and have to be dug out from under the mountain.
Oh, here's a few more:
  • I love to be around people that can make me laugh until I cry and am fortunate to know many (and to have met many more in the blogosphere).
  • I do not like olives but wish they'd make an Olive Oil Frappucino at Starbucks.
  • I wish I knew more 2- and 3-letter words in Scrabble.

3. Share this award with 10 other bloggers that you think are fantastic.
Like all of you, I am drawn to many different types of people and blogs.  I tend to keep my blog focused on silly stuff.  I could write about my views on lots of different topics (and, believe me, I have 'em), but I choose to just keep it light on this blog (unless you ask...then we'll get down to some discussin').  Below are some blogs written by people I have just "met", people that don't know I exist and people that are dear friends of mine personally.  I turn to these for some inspiration, wisdom, sweet stories, parenting tips and/or some really good laughs.  Some of them downright just make me blush.  Go on over THAR and give 'em a big huh-uhg!

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And, yes, I realize that some of the recipients of these awards are men and probably do not want to be considered "sugar dolls" and may feel uncomfortable with a "blogger crush".  I imagine neither of them participate in blog awards anyway.  Still, I wanted to give them some traffic because I find their sites so amusing!  Nah, y'all get own outta hee-yer and go have fu-uhn.  Thanks for stopping by nah-yow!