Bright spots & spitwads

Roxane at Days gave me a "Sunshine Award"!  Thanks so much, Roxane!  I think your blog is a sunshine-y place, too.  Roxane writes a very real, fun and witty blog that I hope you will check out!  I hope that my little SPOT on the dubyadubyadubya DOT (that was absolutely horrible and I fully realize it) is a bright place to be.  As I said in my last post, I intentionally TRY to make this blog a cheerful place that does not cross many boundary lines into sticky, hot topics (such as fresh tar).  I sometimes wonder if I should just abandon that plan and get after it when I read something I disagree with on other blogs, in the newspaper (okay...the Q&A section of Parade magazine), on CNN (the brief part I see when on the treadmill), on Fox (the parts I catch as I cross the livingroom to go eat cookies in the kitchen), etc.  Most of the time, I decide it is best to just stick to writing about things that I find funny.  Maybe one of these days I'll abandon it all and arrive on my blog on top of a soapbox, but I doubt it.  Those little Lever 2000 boxes can't hold much weight.

Part of the deal with The Sunshine Award is to pass it on to 12 other bloggers.  Some of these blogs are very new to me and some I have been following for a while (like my friend Kristy's blog, Kiki's Crowd, down there).  There are so many great ones out there, of course, but I have picked 12 that I find amusing, funny, uplifting or inspirational.  I'm sure you'll agree!

 I also fully realize that many of you may not participate in blog awards.  Ain't no thang, chicken wang!  Although I may wail loudly while pounding my fists into my forehead over your decision to stop the award right here and now, I will recover.  I will post again.

That's all I got for right nah-yow.  I'll be back in a day or so.  I would love to post 2-3 times a week, but I just signed up for spitwad lessons and I'm not sure how much free time I'm going to have for blogging.  Ever since middle school, I have wanted to know just how to shoot a saliva soaked wad of paper at a high speed out of straw.  So, you can imagine when I saw "Spitwad 101: Learn to spit like a nit-wit" in the continuing education for adults magazine that goes around town, I signed up!  I was absolutely enamored with the art of spitwad propelling back in the day, so I am thrilled to learn to do it myself. I loved watching the gummy wads of paper being shot up to the ceiling during middle school right behind my teacher's back.  Those gummy paper dots looked so terrified clinging to the ceiling hoping that they'd stick forever.  Anyway, I'm expected to arrive at the local junior college with a pack of 1,234,523,634,364,2346,747,452 straws (apparently, they sell packs like that at Sam's) and an SUV full of Mead notebook paper bright and early tomorrow morning.  I just finished reading "Spitwads for Dummies", so I feel slightly more prepared than most of my future classmates.  I am so excited to start on what I hope grows to be a life-long rewarding hobby!  I plan being a very good student so I can learn how to get my kids right behind the ears when they start acting up.  I could do it very quickly in public places and from across the room.