I'm being interviewed with The LG Report!

 Welcome to another meeting in the Break Room!  There's only two things on the agenda, so don't get all huffy.  Please say hello to our new receptionist over on the left, Ernestine.  Her fashion sense is a little outdated, but don't hold it against her.  She is an absolute DELIGHT and I do hope you'll stop by and show her what type of company we run around here. Treat her to a Coke every now and then.   Nope.  No, no...not going to work.  You all can't sit in that orange chair.  It's made of plastic, for goodness sakes.  If I ever get to 400 GFC followers, I'll see about getting an extra one.  For now, you all will just have to take turns.   Okay, eyes on the dry erase board, please.


#1 The LG Report: Just last week I discovered the very funny blog "The LG Report" when he interviewed one of my favorite bloggers, Cheeseboy, from "The Blog O' Cheese".  I had to follow his blog right away and when I did I discovered that I was his 100th followerI asked if I received any sort of prize for that and he said that, in fact, I did!  My prize was being interviewed by him.  Forget about my answers, his interview by itself is worth reading.  I was CRACKING UP.  He made me laugh out loud all throughout the interview.  For that reason alone, I would love for you to go over to his place and hang out for a few minutes.  You will definitely want to follow him, too!  Click HERE to go there.

#2  The plants around here: I need someone to volunteer to water the Break Room plants.  You can't see any of the ugly things up there because I hid them all behind the vending machine. Who is going to step up? 

Meeting Adjourned!!

(Light refreshments will be served over at The LG Report.  Click HERE for a free ride and hold on tight!)