Captcha Balderdash: Vote for your favorite!

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If you are just now getting to the Break Room, you'll notice that we already played Captcha Balderdash this morning!  Crazy, right?  I am trying something different this month by only taking the first 15 definitions.  Maybe I'll only take 10 next time.  Not sure.  I don't want you all to be exhausted reading through the list.  All of the definitions deserve attention! In the past, there were just too many to read, even though they were all so stinkin' funny and creative!  Speaking of stinkin' funny and creative, you better get to reading the ones below.  Pick your top 1 or 2 favorites.  I will leave this post up today and tomorrow.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday when his or her blog will be featured on my blog, on my blog's Facebook page and Twitter.  Don't vote for your own, people!

#1: BUSOBER by Sue with The Desperate Housemommy:  adj. (byu-SO-bur) - The knack for looking completely strung-out even when on the wagon, inspired by actor and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Gary Busey.
"Duuuuuuuude. Did you SEE Trey at the St. Patty's Day parade? He was messssssed up."
"Duuuuuuuude...NOT. Trey's been Busober for three years now. He just needs a haircut and a nap."
#2: MOLLOOKB by Shell with Things I Can't Say: Messes that appear to be alive. For example, buttermilk spilled out in the sink by a child who didn't know it wasn't regular milk. Mess sits there overnight, unbeknownst to mom and puffs up to epic proportions, seemingly alive. That is mollokb...and I will pay someone to come clean it up. I'm afraid it might bite me.

#3: FLABULATE by Kelley Simpson with Kelley Simpson Photography:  This word describes the action or process that takes place in one's legs while running or vigorously exercising. The extra fat, flab, or any other non-muscular mass on one's legs begins to shake, slam, jiggle, and slap against itself. It usually occurs while running in a public place or while wearing shorts. Imagine running down the street and feeling the fat on your legs moving faster than your feet causing pain in your legs and butt area. This effect can often cause the feeling of bruising in one's rear end and hamstring area. The jarring motion of flabulation has been known to cause severe wedgies and commonly deters one from running any longer perpetuating the flab production and in turn creating bigger flabulation problems.  If a person continues to run or exercise through the flabulation pain, the effects of it will eventually diminish and no longer be a problem... or so I've heard.

#4: SALLOBOM by Kimberly with Rubber Chicken Madness: phrase from the southern region of the United States. Often includes a well-placed apostrophe when used by grammatically correct southern speakers: "S'all Obom";

Used at the beginning of a sentence in which the speaker is blaming the result of a national issue on the current president of the United States, Barack Obama.

This phrase is known to change in the month of January every four to eight years. The most recent version still in occasional use today is SallBush or S'all Bush.

#5 LEWASHR (Le Washr) by Melissa E. from In The Short Rows: The little known character in the Pepe le Peu cartoons. The Le Washr was written into the cartoons to eliminate the unappetizing smell of "eau de skunk" after too many innocent bystanders were by Mr. Le Peu when he was in hot pursuit of Penelope.

#6 IMORTHYL by Missy from Wonder, Friend:  An ethylene byproduct only available in Hollywood. Imorthyl prevents aging and allows stars to continue acting way - way, way - past their prime. You may notice side effects, including, but not limited to enlarged, duck-like lips; the "phoning-in" of performances; an immobile brow; appearances on Dancing With the Stars; and perpetually surprised eyes.

#7 PROOPHE (pronounced PROOF) by Mommy Shorts: The act of using your pointer finger to pull back your baby's pants and diaper in the back to check for poop. Usually done because there is suddenly a certain stench in the air.

#8 CAPPSYCL (cap-sicle) by Kimberly by All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something: Capsicle, Or "Freezing of the skull", is a medical condition that results from the action of wearing baseball caps instead of winter toques for cold weather protection. Persons with this condition also suffer from a "too cool for school" complex. Condition causes extreme ridicule from smart individuals who care more about being warm than looking awesome. Also causes frostbite of the brain cells.

See also "Ridiculous things the cast of Jersey Shore do
"Surprisingly Snookie did not get a case of cappsycl from not wearing a toque. Her hairspray and fake tanning lotion formed a protective barrier fro the harsh winter conditions"
#9 ZOMB ICK9 by Cate with Real Life With Kids: The sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your son is telling you about flesh and brain eating zombies for the 9th time.
"No, Honey, Mommy can't play Hot Wheels right now. I need to lie down until this zombick9 passes..."

#10: DUCEDGEN (doos-eh-jen) by Jen from Life with a Side of Autism:  Clearly this a character from Dungeons and Dragons. Probably a witch who goes around spiting those who did her wrong (like an evil-ex), then throwing them in her dungeon. With a dragon. Because I assume that's what the game is about. I don't really know since I had a social life in high school, but I am pretty confident in my guess. Coincidentally, you can call her Jen for short.

#11 WORTERS by Oilfield Trash with Make Daddy A Sammich: The collective term given to people who worry too damn much. Like the term "worry wort" but in the collective sense.

#12 MITENI by Lana D from Sober, Chronic, FABULOUS: An alternative description of the temperature outside - one that my children will understand easily - that indicates it's cold enough to require the use of mittens.
"Mom! How cold is it outside?"
"I don't know - feels a little miteni, maybe."
#13 TUMBUMIA by MarytheKay from MarythKaytheBlog: Noun; The sorrowful act of squeezing one's belly fat into freshly-washed jeans.
Once again, Jane resorted to tumbumia; She was determined to get those size 10 jeans on, no matter how large a muffin-top it created. She reminded herself again, "I've just GOT to stop eating those Pop Tarts..."

#14 MICHALINE by Cheeseboy with The Blog O' Cheese: When the Michelin Man uses vaseline for belly chafing.

#15 TABLENTI by SuzRocks: A table made out of lentil beans, used primarily by jewish grandmothers.

And, since Deborah squeezed in before I officially ended the comments, I have to include one more!

#16 EXPACT by Deborah with Fashion Plate: The phenom of expecting to make pact. Kinda like alliance with a dalliance.
I fear that makes no sense at all expact in my head. (forming a pact of sympathy with my reaching).

Which two are YOUR favorites?