Prisons: How To REALLY Run The Place

Alright, are going to need to get out of that orange chair and stop sipping the free Coke.   I am not going to be able to hang out with you today.  I will be busy cleaning up the mess below on the back porch of the Break Room.  I forgot to get Mr. Wendal to clean it before he went home last night.  He went off to play a game of horse shoes (a game of horse shoes!!!) and I was left with this mess:

Do you have any super glue I can borrow?

I actually cleaned most of it up, but when the co-owner of this Break Room saw it, he said, " aren't finished yet, right?  I still see glass".  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  I was out there for THREE HOURS, MAN!!!!  Anyway, since I don't want you getting glass in your feet, I have arranged for breaks to be taken in two places: Vivobello and Southern Momentum.  Here's what we've got going on...

 "Prisons: How To Really Run The Place" 
Click here to read my guest post at Vivobello, a wonderful, fun blog written by Angie about living life more beautifully!  She encourages sharing your experiences with proactive acts of kindness and has lots of great stories about her FIVE kids!  **If you chimed in on Facebook or Twitter with any ideas yesterday, your name will be in this post...

"FOOTBALL QUIZ: Are you Ignorant Like Me?"
If you missed it on Wednesday, my post/quiz has been reposted at Southern Momentum today.  Click here to go there.

Now back to cleaning up that glass...

**The font in the post over at Vivobello is all kinds of wacked out because we have two different blogging platforms.  Sorry, Angie!**