Captcha Balderdash #8: Wrap-Up & Crack Up

Look at me.  It's Valentine's Day and I'm all, "What are your top 2 favorite definitions?"  Lame, right?  Cry for my husband right now.  This is what he gets.  A wife obsessed with words and YOUR hilarious definitions.  If this is your first time to my blog, click on "Captcha Balderdash" in the navigation bar to find out what we're doing here.    Please pick your TOP TWO FAVORITE definitions in a few minutes (just tell me the numbers).  I know there are a lot of words, but please skim through them and let me know what catches your eye.

You people are sooooo funny!  Have I ever told you that?

#1 DETFORROW from Allison with Reviving The Right Brain :
"Unfortunately I had to finance a large portion of my college education. I'll be in detforrow while."
#2 CHEDN from Shell with Things I Can't Say:
What my boys accuse each other of doing when they are playing a game. "Mommy, my brother is chedn." Che- din (Okay, that's lame, but that is the word I got and when I pronounced it in my head, it sounded like cheatin')
#3 PAPPESSE from Fragrant Liar:
"When grandaddy went tranny on us, he went from Papa to Pappesse. As in, 'Pappesse, in that skanky Courtney Love frock, you are droppin' it like it's hot! What'd you do with your Johnson?' You know you wanted to know the same thing."
#4 SAMIXI from Kimberly with Rubber Chicken Madness:
SAH-mix-ee: The code word to gain entrance to the Sexaholics Anonymous meeting after-party.
#5 NOCALOG (v.) from Robyn from Life By Chocolate:
To head butt a piece of wood that proved ineffective for a beach bonfire. Boyscouts can be seen nocalogging when their marshmallows don't brown just right.
#6 NOCELOT from Kimberly with All Work & No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something:
No-cee-lot: A medical condition that derives from spending the night in someone's crappy guest bed.  "Mrs. Johnson, the knot in your neck is a direct result of a shady mattress or cot that you slept on. You have the noclecot. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning."
#7 DUCTAGG from Monkey Man:
When the duct tape on a car starts to come loose and wave in the breeze as you drive down the road. Used in a sentence: Joe Bob had a silver ductagg streaming from his car from the great repair job he had done.
#8 TINGSTA from Wendi with Wendi Aarons:
A character from the new hardcore rap remake of "The Wizard of Oz," Tingsta is part Tin Man, part hardcore gangsta. His trademark oil can is now a mini Uzi.
#9 LAW from Cokermama with Spence & Me + 3:
Fictional character. Perhaps the mother of all unbelievableness? Pretty sure "Law" is the high priestess of hillbillyness. Only my relatives (BY MARRIAGE) in East Tennessee call on her after hearing something disturbing. For example, if I were to tell them I had just eaten an entire canister of Comet or saved $100 on my car insurance by switching to Geico, their response would be: "Oh, Law!"
The 'hood equivalent of "oh-no-you-di-en". Or Alex P. Keaton's version: "I am shocked and somewhat dismayed by you".
#10 ASISUP (pronounced asses-up) from Saimi with Archie &Family:
A Hillbilly mom talking to her kids: "Get yer lazy asisup off that there couch and feed the hogs, who do you think yar anyway!"
#11 MYEMIXIC from Oilfield Trash  with Make Daddy a Sammich:
The ancient sanscrit word for mixed drink.
#12 BARTZAB from Ilana with Mommy Shorts:
If you vacation in St. Bart's, you need to prove that you have BARTZAB before they let you cavort on the beach with the likes of Paris Hilton and Gwyneth Paltrow.
#13 PLUKHALL from Yvonne with Writing My Life Away!:
Looking at my face in the mirror, I was shocked to see so it was time for the tweezers. I'm gonna plukhall them suckers!
#14 REEPERA from Lana D. with Sober, Chronic, FABULOUS:
"Hey! Youse a gonna reepera dat ting youse a broke?"
#15 JOUSEER from XLMIC with Taking It On:
A drunken slurring of the question "did you see her?" "Man, that chick was HOT!!!! JOUSEER????" (she could not have been any juicier.)
#16 CHIPSGUT with Sue from Desperate Housemommy:
(n; CHIPS-gut) That gosh-awful feeling you get 'round about 2 am after returning from a night out at da club and raiding the pantry. "Daaaaaang, Earl...I've got me the chipsgut somethin' fierce, yo. But...ummm...pass the Tostitos, homie." [Aside: I deserve extra credit for coining this term in real-time from personal experience. Hobbling off to bed clutching my chipsgut as you read this. Oy.]
#17 TWIGN from TV with TV's Take:
In a southern accent..."the other day me and the boy were out twign. Lord knows today could be the day when we hit the jackpot - the worlds biggest twig."
#18 SMETRAN from Ali with Last Splash:
I have no idea to make what I'm thinking PG13, but it's something along the lines of the trade name for the new laxative suppository that I hear Pfizer is coming out with soon.
#19 TREBERI from Missy with Wonder, Friend:
The newest flavor of yogurt at Just Yogurt! 32,000 Toppings! We Line 'Em Up Under Sneeze Guards (That Don't Really Guard Sneezes) and You Go Nuts! Or Berries! Or Cookies! Or Gummy Bears!  Treberi is their high-end, European, three-berry flavor.
#20 ELDABAT from CoftheU:
Another Hillbilly term. "Erlene! Yer never gonna grad-gee-ate iffen you don't do up all yer cypherin' and learn yer eldabat."
#21 INGESSIS from KLZ with Taming Insanity:
To eat something rancid which results in your butt exploding. "That cheese that had been left sitting out caused me some massive ingessis."
#22 PRUDDLE from MommaKiss:
A prude who made a puddle by peeing her pants. She did this after seeing myself and my husband making out on a park bench.  Pruddle.
#23 DINGIATI from Glen with Glen's Life:
The devoted followers of the local bell ringers. these dingiati hang around outside churches for hours to catch a glimpse of their favorite Campanologist. Autographs and photographs are usually taken by this swarm of persistently irritating digerazzos.
#24 FALOOSHUUU from Cheeseboy with The Blog O' Cheese:
The sound Whoopie Goldberg makes when you sit on her stomach.  MOUTHFULLADREADS - What will happen to you immediately after you sit on Whoopie Goldberg's stomach.
#25 TRELD (v) from Joey with Big Teeth and Clouds:
A sarcastic way to inform someone that you already told them something. Said with authority because you're pretty sure the person you're talking to is slow. "I treld you that already."
#26 SARCASTICLAPPING from Lightning Bugg's Butt:
When you give somebody a round of applause for doing something stupid or embarrassing.
#27 GRAVI from FabuLeslie with Give Me Paws:
Like, she totally did NOT understand the gravi of the situation.. She thought it was just some little thing that didn't matter, but it was NOT. Gravi.
ENDEBRO: Dude, did you see that guy put the endebro on him? He totally and completely knocked him OUT. I tell you what. That guy sure knows how to endebro.
#28 MARAFACT from Sparkling with Lia Sophia Tomgirl:
Example: I did hear that you were coming to spend the night. Marafact, I made up the guest room for you. (Sadly, my principal says it this way every time and I just want to DIE.)
#29 MOROI from Deborah with Fashion Plate:
Used in a sentence, "I don't want to go Urban Outfitters! I hate hanging around with all the common moroi."
#30 AMIDOLTEARS from Kristen with I'm Fine, You?:
Similar to Crocodile Tears -it occurs when you watch American Idol and get SUCKED into the sad sappy stories and find yourself crying into the couch pillows....
#31 RUGHSACHO from Erin with I'm Gonna Kill Him:
An ancient form of rugby in which streaking and keg-stands are punished by placement in a burlap sacho.  "Always looking to party, Andy could not resist removing his pants after he scored a goal, a high crime in the game of Rughsacho."

The winner (or, if it's close, the top two winners) will be announced tomorrow or Wednesday.  I will link to your blog on the Kelley's Break Room Facebook page, write about you in my next post and tweet your posts out on Twitter.  Thanks for voting!!