How do YOU say this word?

You're going to have to be totally honest here.  No liars in the Break Room.  Did you not see the sign and picture on the door when you came in?  No?  Let's walk over there together.  Come on, walk with me.  See it?  Read it out loud.  What does it say?

Oh the "I love putting wigs on my sons" was just a little something extra.  Mostly, I wanted you to see that part about the lying.  You saw it, right?  Can I trust that you are telling the truth?

Because this is serious business.

THIS is a topic that has been brought up over and over again through the years my husband and I have married.  THIS is a topic that we have very strong opinions about.  

This is about...

What are they called? 
Listen to yourself very carefully before answering.  Say it at least 3 times. 
How do you REALLY say it? 

A. "CRAY-ins"

B.  "cray-AHNs"


D. Are there really any other options?

One of them is the way I say it. One of them is the way my husband says it and one of them is the way I've heard someone else say it.

How do YOU say it?