Help me with my pajama collection, pretty please?

St. Louis Cathedral
Well, I said I wasn't going to post again until Monday, November 29th, but you know I just can't stay away.  Thank you all for the anniversary wishes last week!  Some of you said you hoped I did something fun for my anniversary outside of the Break Room.  We did!  My husband and I went to New Orleans for three days.  Some of you may be groaning and asking why in the world we would want to go to NOLA.  I think it is a great place to visit.  It's the closest American city to us with so much history.  I won't bore you with the things we did and places we saw, however.

I am posting because I need your help.  My mother-in-law will be coming to visit after Thanksgiving.  This means that I need to step up my pajama collection.  I have been agonizing over which pajamas to wear around the house while she is here.  I must give up some of my former choices and need your help in making new ones.  What do you think?

Do you think my MIL will approve of these lovely footed ones?

I have never seen an episode of "Bananas in Pajamas" but am pretty sure the person that created the show was heavily influenced by illegal substances.  I am thinking my MIL would approve of these pajamas, too.

I could totally abandon the footed pajamas and just roam freely in some muumuus.  I found this lovely lady on the left on the blog Slimbolala: Posts, Pictures & Pointless Ephemera and it totally cracked me up!  This is how he said he remembers the ladies in New Orleans where he grew up.  I didn't see any of those ladies in NOLA, unfortunately.  Hold on...  I'm still laughing at "I knew you when you was just a baby".  Haaaaa!!  Okay, back to the muumuus I need you to help me decide between.

MUUMUU #1: Homer Simpson's Muumuu

MUUMUU #2: A simple, nice, floral number

MUUMUU #3: A matching set for the MIL & me

I took the picture of the two ladies above at McDonald's one day at lunch.  I know someone I know must know them, so I cropped the picture a bit.  Maybe I can ask for the pattern and get a matching set for my MIL and me.  I could lay it out on her bed as a welcome-to-our-home gift!  What do you think?

Seriously, Break Roomers, you can see I've got some tough decisions to make.  As always, your input will be extremely valued!

Happy Thanksgiving!!