The Fastest, Funniest Book I've Ever Read

And I've read a lot of books.

I have a lot of books by comedians that go way back. I can read those books fast, but are any of those the fastest book I've ever read? Nope, nope, nope.

It would make sense that the fastest AND funniest book I've ever read would have to do with Twitter, since it is very fast-paced and, if you look in the right spots, funny, too.


Oh, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. I like the Twitter. I honestly sometimes read my Twitter timeline and laugh out loud over and over again. True, true laughs. I arrange some of the people I read on Twitter into different groups- "Funny Favorites", "Favstar Users" (people who specifically use Twitter to write/read jokes), "Bloggers", "Comedians/Media VIPs", etc. Arranging the people I follow on Twitter into groups helps me to find what I want to find on Twitter quickly, which is a good laugh. That is the main reason I go on Twitter at all.

You know who else does that?

Kate Hall of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine? and Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler of Science of Parenthood. Now, they may also go on Twitter to get a nice soufflĂ© recipe, too, but I KNOW they go on there for laughs. I know because they turned a bunch of those Twitter laughs into a book.

This book.

You can get a paperback of it for $10.32. I would say this book pretty much is the best little gift you can give to a parent now at Christmas, at a baby shower or any time. It is truly funny, it can be read in short segments (bathroom reading!), it is clean humor (makes it easy to give to anyone), a great price and easy to wrap. I love things that are easy to wrap.

When I first received my box of books, I grabbed a copy and sat down to read it. If I hadn't had to go break up my sons' argument over a basketball, I probably could have read the book in one sitting. You just want to keep reading to the next section and, before you know it, you are all out of sections.

And, if I am being completely honest, I actually ripped the book open right away to find my tweets. I have a few in there, like the one below, thanks to Kate, Jessica & Norine asking me to be a part of this project. I was honored! Twitter has been a friend of mine for a while. I actually spoke about it at Blog University this past summer.


So, what is the point of all of this? I want to give three of you a copy of the book to keep or for you to give as a gift. All you need to do is leave a Facebook comment  by going to the link below. If you share the Facebook update, come back to let me know that in the comments. That will count as an extra entry. I will pick the winners next Friday morning so that I can mail them out on that Friday.

And, you better hurry. The book is flying off the shelves and even appearing in hit TV shows like The Walking Dead. It's only a matter of time before there are no more books left. See Jessica in her cameo appearance below? I'm pretty sure Glenn is running to get a copy he heard about in an abandoned Barnes & Noble in this picture and Jessica is letting him know she's got one, so there's no need for him to worry. That says a lot about Jessica that she's willing to subject herself to zombies for the sake of the book. What a selfless girl.