Pinterest Tips On How To Take Care of Everything Around Your House In 2Very Simple Steps

If you have been following the Kelley's Break Room Facebook page, you may have seen my "Pinterest Tips of the Day".

This was my first one.

I initially made it without a picture but it got such a great response on my Facebook page that I decided to slap an ice chest (sometimes called a "cooler" in foreign parts of the world) on it. 

People liked it.

So, I made a new one along the same lines.

Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts saw this one and asked if I would mind if she put it on her blog. I was obviously all for it, since she is the queen of memes, such as Baby Suiting.

While I was making up new ones to send her way, I posted this one my Facebook page, too.

Isn't this one the truth?

I know how to use Meyer's, Comet, Tilex and Fabuloso as well as the next person, but sometimes, friends, I straight up run out of time.

Head over to Mommy Shorts' post, Housecleaning Tips For People Who Hate To Clean, featuring some more of my Pinterest in 2-steps graphics and follow along with me on my Facebook page for more of them in the coming weeks. I will keep them going until I run out of ideas or until Zuckerberg confiscates my phone.