10 Good & FUNNY Mother's Day Gift Ideaa

When SkyMall approached me to flip through their products and promote them for Mother's Day, I hopped on that train. SkyMall is always entertaining. One of my favorite shows to watch is Dragons' Den, which is the British version of Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs present their inventions and these mega rich people decide if they want to invest in them or not. I imagine that lots of the SkyMall product creators were like the people that go on Dragons' Den or Shark Tank. Their dream in life was just to get a product in the SkyMall catalog.

The only time I thought about SkyMall was on the plane. I never thought about going on-line and buying anything from SkyMall while my two feet were on the ground. That's craziness! Their website is FULL of great gift ideas. FULL. Although I could have picked at least a hundred things for you to look over, I settled with ten. You've got things to do. Those clothes aren't going to wash themselves.

#1 SaddleBaby Hands Free Shoulder Carrier

This convenient contraption sells for $99.99. I just love it. I mean, think of all the things a mom can do with her two hands since she won't be holding on to Junior's ankles. She could juggle. She could mow the yard. She could get her nails done at the salon. She could bathe a dog. She could do anything! ANYTHING! THANK YOU, SADDLEBABY!

#2 Bracelet Assistant
Now, who hasn't yelled out, "CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS BRACELET??" and only turned to find two crickets staring at you from the windowsill? Everybody has seen those crickets. Everybody has needed a little help with her bracelet at the wrong time. With the Bracelet Assistant for only $24.95, you can give the mom in your life (or maybe it's you?) back the precious minutes she wastes year after year after year hunting down someone to fasten her dingdang bracelet.

#3 Perfume!
I found an old classic in the SkyMall collection, but there are a WHOLOTTA perfumes to choose from for both men and women. It's Mother's Day soon, though, so let's forget about the Drakkar and focus on the Dior. They have current scents and classic ones, too. (Who didn't love them some Liz Claiborne long time back in the 80s? I almost want to get this bottle for the memories.) This bottle right here goes for $21.90.
#4 TowlHub Towel Holder with 4 USB Ports and 2 Bluetooth Speakers
Would you check that out? You can listen to your music at the same exact place you get your paper towels. Unbelievable. I can hardly process what I am seeing here due to how excited I am. Tell me a multitasking mother wouldn't love that. If you want it with speakers, it's $79.99 and it is on back order. That means people are scooping it up. (The version without speakers is $49.99.)

#5 Lucky Three Necklace
There are various options and the price ranges from $58.99 to $65.99. I think it is super pretty. It's not a funny gift, but it's a gift any mother or grandmother would love, unless they have 20 children. A necklace that long could really get in the way of their productivity. Think it through before your order it. I don't want any disgruntled mothers on the big day.

#6 Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture
I know there is a mother out there who would love a little squirrel climber on her back porch. Who wouldn't want to imagine a squirrel rappelling while enjoying her morning coffee? Absolutely no one. Everyone loves the thought of a rappelling squirrel, especially mothers. There is nothing closer to a mother's heart than a rappelling squirrel. If you don't believe me, order this for a mother in your life and watch her face radiate with pure joy when she opens it. It's only $34.95!

#7 Squirrel Whisperer Shirts
I can't stop with the squirrel theme. My mother- and father-in-law once took care of a hurt baby squirrel and kept it in their house as a pet. They named it Rocky. They thought they were squirrel whisperers. I can't quite remember what happened to Rocky. I'm not sure if he up and died or went to try out his luck in Vegas. Word in the trees was that he had a great singing voice but difficulty managing his money. If you know a mother like my mother-in-law, consider this t-shirt, which ranges in price from $19.95 to $29.95.

#8 Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
Wouldn't this be perfect for the mother who can't quite estimate how much air to put in a tire? I mean, it takes all of the guess work out of it. No more blowing up tires to smithereens while just trying to fix a basic flat. Flying rubber pieces never did anybody any favors. If you don't want the mother in your life to show up on her special day with tire treads in her teeth, then do the right thing and order this tire inflator for $89.95.

#9 Love You More Bracelets
Now, isn't that sweet? You can get this bracelet in silver or stainless steel for $19.95 to $59.95.

#10 SkyRest Travel Pillow
I think I might love this one the most. There is no shame in this sleeping man's game. He is ready to snore and he is making no apologies about it. The only mother that can use this pillow on a flight is one that is flying without children, of course. I guess the children could use the pillow, though, so SkyRest Travel Pillows all around is what I say. This reminds me of my mother-in-law's flight routine. It absolutely cracks me up. You must check out what she does here. If you are interested in this little doodad above, you can buy it for the mother in your life (or yourself!) for $29.95.

Those are my 10 things! Remember how I told you there were so much more than 10 great gift ideas in SkyMall? Well, I would be completely irresponsible if I didn't let you know about just one more. The reason I didn't include it in my list is that it is on back order until June 3rd! This thing is flying off of the SkyMall shelves! What mom doesn't need a trio of dancing ducks??? They're doing high kicks while welcoming you inside at the same time. Ridiculously talented. You can buy this masterpiece for $24.95. It looks like it will be here in time for Father's Day, so there's that.

If you are interested in swiping any of these up for a mom in your life or for yourself, you can use this discount code, SM25KBR, for 25% off your order.

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