10 Songs You Must Play At Thanksgiving

It's sort of crazy the blog posts I choose to write. I realize that blog posts like mine aren't going to go viral. I know that blog posts that aren't about the latest controversial topic or movie or actress or whatever aren't going to get crazy hits. I know if I don't try to ruffle turkey feathers with my viewpoints on parenting, religion or politics, I won't get this excessive amount of people wanting to know what's going on inside Kelley's Break Room.

And I don't care.

I never have.

Those blog posts aren't me. I could give a pilgrim's ear lobe if you know my viewpoint on something or other. I don't want to stand on any soapboxes. I mean, I do in my private life. I had dinner with a couple of friends last weekend and got started on a topic that I have a lot of opinions about. I don't want to write about those here. I don't want to get anyone all crazy mad over something.

I just like to write silliness.

I like to keep it light.

I wouldn't keep doing this if you didn't keep reading. I see that you all are there, whether you comment on my blog or on Facebook or not. So, if people are still reading, I will keep writing. (I'm looking at you, paid neighbor.) Thank you for reading!

I just felt like I had to get that stuff out of the way real quick-like.

Before I go, let me do two things. First, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you are with family and/or friends eating some good turkey and dressing somewhere on Thursday. If you are not, e-mail me and I'll save you a spot at our table. Second, let me leave you with a list of songs that you should play that day. You can order my video of me singing all of these Thanksgiving songs with a cat lip synching them in the background a la Miley for the low price of $1. I'll be sure to hand deliver it to your doorstep like Thanksgiving Claus by that day.

For some reason, the YouTube video I posted earlier isn't working. Try going here: http://youtu.be/McAEber8Euo. Here is a picture of the lovely moment:

Basting Away Again In TurkeyStuffingVille
(Background vocals by Jimmy Stuff-it)
Stuff It...Stuff It Real Good!
(Background vocals by Salt 'n Pepa)
Just Give Me A *Season (*as in paprika)
(Background vocals by Pink & Nate Ruess)
Turkey's Ready, Come & Get It
(Background vocals by Selena Gomez)
We Can't Stop (Eating)
(Background vocals by Miley Cyrus)
Fill This Moment (with more awkward Thanksgiving conversation)
(Background vocals by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera)
Stay (and eat more pumpkin pie...please, I don't have room for all of these pies in the refrigerator)
(Background vocals by Rihanna)
Please pass the CUPS
(Background vocals by Anna Kendrick)
Thanksgiving Dinnertime Fatness
(Background vocals by Lana Del Rey and Cedric Gervais)
Hold On, We're Going Home (in a minute...first let me help your grandmother clean up this kitchen and get that cranberry sauce out of the carpet)
(Background vocals by Drake)