The Taco Cat Post (with a chance to win the awesome shirt)

Soooo...I went to dinner with some girlfriends last night when one of them showed me her 10-year-old daughter's most favorite shirt. She said she got it at Justice and, apparently, the shirt is buy one, get one free right now. Hot dog! I mean, taco!

Seriously, don't you love this shirt? It makes me laugh! Now, the fact that it makes me laugh does not necessarily mean that I would wear it. I can't really see myself sticking this on me and going up to the "Meet The Teacher" thingy on the 23rd. I might wear it going down the river, though. Anyway, it goes up to a size 20, but I don't know what that really means. Since that is a little girl's store, I'm thinking the shirts won't fit most of us, though 20 does sound pretty big. So, maybe...

What amazes me is that this "tacocat" business must have been going on for a while, because PEOPLE HAVE HAD TIME TO KNIT THINGS.



They have also had time to make really cute costumes.

This is from the blog Shade's Progress.

They have known about it so long they've made art work, too, with those little plastic melting bead things that I used to play with when I was a wee thing.


They've also made charms.


Annnnnnnd...dressed up their actual cats.


And, YET, the first time I heard about it was last night. I'm so glad that I have hip friends like Kelly that has a hip daughter that likes tacocat shirts.

So, just to show that I am staying with the trends (well, slightly behind them), I'm giving away a tacocat shirt. I suppose if a little girl wins it or you can fit into a little girl shirt, you can choose the top photo because I can get that at Justice. If you are not a little girl and cannot fit into a little girl shirt, then this will be the tacocat shirt that you will be able to win. It's the only one I can find in an adult size:


All I ask is that you leave a comment and follow the Kelley's Break Room Facebook page! If you share the post on Facebook, you get an extra entry!

Tell me, where would you wear the tacocat shirt?