What Your Self-Serve Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone Says About YOU

Some people foolishly throw their money at palm readers and tea leaves readers and e-readers and My First readers and Reading Rainbow readers and a bunch of other hocus pocus mumbo jumbo readers when really they should just serve themselves an ice cream cone or soft-serve yogurt and bring it straight to me. Since you and I are not likely going to be together the next time you are at Jason's Deli, Orange Leaf or the local Mexican restaurant, I thought I would present some of my interpretations to you here.

(By the way, when it comes to self-serve ice cream at the local Mexican restaurant, they are not all the same. Believe me, I have been sorely disappointed before. In fact, I've been so disappointed and so pleased on different occasions, that I am now starting a log of my self-serve ice cream experiences for your benefit. Think of me as Jane Goodall, except I'm not watching chimpanzees or recording behavior of any sort but judging the taste and shape of the product spewing forth from self-service ice cream machines instead. If you are ever in Houston, Gringo's beats them all! I'd ask them to give me some free ice cream for that free plug I just gave them, but their ice cream is already free. Also, their chips. And salsa.)

Back to finding out what your ice cream cone says about you... If you find that your ice cream typically looks like one of these below, you need to find out WHY.




If you see something different in these ice cream cones, I do encourage you to share your interpretations. Perhaps we could go on the road together and single-handedly (or what that be double-handedly?) shut down all of those coo-coo palm readers. I'm always looking for opportunities to expand my team (and waistline- this is ice cream, after all).