9 Reasons I LOVE Jason's Deli (This is NOT a sponsored post, either!)

This is not a sponsored post. I wanted to get that out of the way real quick like. Jason's Deli did not fork it over for me to write this little tribute.

No, I am writing it because I wanted to give them a standing ovation the last time I was there but could not get the crowd to stand with me, as they probably just thought I was standing to get my 5-year-old son to stop climbing up the outside wall. It's true, I was standing for that reason but not for that reason alone.

Jason's Deli hit it out of the park. When it comes to customer service at restaurants, it's hard to find ones that have really good batters at home plate in addition to good food.

Let me take you with me for a second to the day I am referencing. Last week, I had my two boys and they each had a friend. We met a friend and her crew at the $1 Summer Clubhouse For Kids at the movie theater. We watched Ice Age 3: The Continental Drift, which I loved. Afterwards, we parted ways and I went in search for a place we all could eat. Not wanting fast food, I opted for Jason's Deli.

(My FAVORITE thing at Jason's Deli is the Nutty Mixed-Up Salad. Yummmmm...)

On the way across the parking lot, my 5-year-old son's friend fell and skinned his knee. I sat them all on a bench and went back to my car to frantically search for a Band-Aid, which I did not find (of course!). I reassured him that we would find one and that Jason's Deli surely had one we could use. They have tons of knives in there, after all! Surely people are getting sliced right and left! (I left that last part out.)

Within minutes of telling our cashier, Gladys, about our situation, she was at our table with four Band-Aids, a cold bottle of water and napkins. I was so happy she helped out since I was obviously not prepared. She was so sweet, too. She was busy and took the time to show us kindness.

After I got the four boys situated, I realized I didn't have anything to drink. Right about that time, the manager, Greg, came by to deliver our food. He said, "I have your mushroom pizzas!" I was the only one who laughed. The boys just gave him stupefied "BUT WE ORDERED CHEESE PIZZAS!" looks.

Greg noticed that my cup was still empty and that my other son was already ready for a refill. He offered to fill them up for us.

"Wow! Jason's Deli is the place to be! That was so super nice. Thank you! First, the lady brought us Band-Aids and then..."

"Who brought you Band-Aids?"

"The cashier on the right."

"I need to recognize her for what she did for you all."

I went on to further thank him and he went on to tell me that if I would go on-line to compliment their store on the Jason's Deli website, he would appreciate it. Apparently, another perk to doing that, besides patting someone on the back, is a free cookie, except in our case, he brought FIVE free cookies.


Band-aids, cold water, napkins, refills, Nutty Mixed Up Salad, and cookies. We also can't forget the free ice cream!

(Disclaimer: My previous post was about what your self-serve soft serve says about you. A reader linked an article on my Facebook page about how soft serve has horrible, horrible, bad things in it. Very terrible. Awful. But yummy.)

Oh! And on top of all that?

We all learned a trick. 

The Hot Dog Finger Trick.

You point your pointer fingers toward each other in front of your face. Stare through them to focus on something right behind them. Eventually you should see a "hot dog" floating between your fingers.

It was on the kids menu.

So, really, it's Band-aids, cold water, napkins, refills, Nutty Mixed Up Salad, cookies, free ice cream, a new trick and AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Those are the 9 reasons I love Jason's Deli.