7 Things I Found At My Grandmother's House That You've *Got* To See

If you have read this blog for the last few months or so, you've heard me yap my face right off about how we recently moved into this house. "Recently" is becoming less and less appropriate, but I will continue to use it until a bunch of pigeons pelt me in the face with water balloons. We know this will never happen, so I will continue to use "recently" as often as I'd like, especially in reference to things in my house that aren't quite like I like them yet.

"Oh, my son's purple room? Hahaha!! Well, yeah, we recently moved. We'll get to it really soon!"

We have lived here for 6 months now. Before you start crying my son a river, know that I just recently finished painting his brother's hot pink room tan and navy. Neither of my boys are anything like Coy Mathis, so the pink wasn't going to fly for long and the purple is about to get the boot.

Although moving is a pain in the big rear, it also can be entertaining. We have found some pretty funny items and pictures in the boxes, including a baby picture of my husband asleep in his crib with a neon beer sign hanging on the wall right above him.

You think I'm kidding.

While there have been some funny things to look at as we get settled in, nothing compares to the things I have found at my grandmother's and great aunt's. Neither are moving, but my family is still trying to help them clean out boxes and dusty closets. There have been a few things that I just couldn't pass up for keeping or for photographing.

I was thinking about you, of course, and how much you would enjoy these priceless things, too.

So, here we go.

The last I checked, my grandmother was not a ninja or a knight. The only other thing I can think of is that it is a giant letter opener. You need a stubborn letter opened? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN MY GRANDMOTHER. SHE WILL SLICE. IT. UP. (Knowing her, she'll be super careful about not shredding really important bills.)

Pretty sure those ladies aren't into the 'corns. My sister was all about them. She's what about unicorns and I was about rainbows. This must have been my sister's gift to my grandmother at some point. Anyway, I knew you'd love it. The thing that impresses me most about this one is how still that butterfly has been on that unicorn's back for all those years. Butterflies normally always flutter off!

My favorite thing about this double amputee angel is that, at some point along the way someone said, "Huh. She's lost both of her arms. I think I'll keep her." This is the only right thing to do, of course. How would you like it if you lost one or both arms and someone said they were done with you? Wouldn't feel very nice, would it? Also, it's an angel. Is it right to just throw an angel in the trash all willy-nilly? I think not. My grandmother and her sister are wise ladies.

My husband and I talked about this "World's Smallest Wicker Chair" for a long time last night. He said, "It doesn't look very small. It's sitting on the grass." I was all, "It's not sitting on the grass. Don't you see that I am holding it up? It's, like, super small! It's a wicker chair for a chipmunk!" We went back and forth about how small it really was for a while. I was too lazy to just show him the dang thing. That boy needs to start taking my word for it.

Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, this has got to be my favorite one of all. You're dang right it makes you ugleh! "Housework makes you ugly". That's what I'm talking about. After the day I've had, I'm wondering if the person who made this had me in mind. The only thing is, my socks don't usually touch my butt and I usually wear brown plaid bows.
How have you made it all this time without ceramic potatoes, my friend? I'm wondering if you put mashed potatoes in these suckers OR if you put the fixings for baked potatoes into these little glass potato skins or...what? What do you think? I'll tell you what I think. I'm in love.

Huh? What? Who? Huh? Say what? Come again? I don't know the story behind this one, but you can bet your butt I'm going to find out what it is very soon. You stay tuned for that one.


Those are some knick-knacks, aren't they? Believe me, I could go on for years with all the things they've got in their houses, especially my great aunt. It's like going to Disney World when you step through their doors. I really wish I would have taken more pictures. I could knick-knack it all day.

Which one is your favorite?
(Please say you have a favorite. If you don't have a favorite, my
 feelings are going to be, like, really hurt.)
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