Wigs are the answer!

A little entertainment for you today and a little plugging.  First, the entertainment...

I have a solution for all of your problems: WIGS.

They can give you an instant hair makeover, of course, but it can also solve other types of problems, too.  If you are irritated with someone, picture a wig on them.  Better yet, carry the wig around.  Carry it around and be ready to stick it on his or her head when they aren't suspecting it and you will feel immediately better.  If Thelma in Accounting is talking incessantly about her bunion, stick a wig on her head.  I promise you, she'll stop talking about her bunion and you'll be smiling again!  If someone in your family is upset, put the wig on and start talking to them as you normally would.  Instant smiles!

When my oldest son was about 3, I was at my grandmother's house (we call her Nana) and found one of her wigs from the 1970s.  She and her sister loved to rock the wigs back then.  Sometimes her 89-year-old sister still does.  I couldn't resist sticking that wig on my 3-year-old's head. 

Here we are at Nana's house.  My sister took the picture.
We were both laughing so hard, we were crying.

Now, watch me put this wig on some other people you might recognize and see if you will enjoy listening to them even more with Nana's wig on their heads.

He's droning on about something that would undoubtedly be more
exciting to listen to with Nana's wig on his head.

Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off was a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY boring economics teacher.  Here is the super exciting clip of him teaching:

Now, if one of those students had only had access to Nana's wig, they wouldn't have been as bored.  See the before and after for yourself:

Am I right?  So, yeah, wigs are the answer.  You can find some on-line or go to your nearest costume store.  Stick one in your back pocket or in your purse.  Stick another one in your closet or on top of the refrigerator.  If you want to live a more fulfilled and happier life, GET A WIG.

Now, the plugging....

Nominations for the 12th Annual Weblog Awards, or the "2012 Bloggies", is going on right now and ends on Sunday, January 15th.  The Bloggies offers a great opportunity to support other bloggers because it selects the best blogs in science, religion, politics, sports, health, travel, photography, food, pets, parenting, HUMOR (ahem!), fashion, entertainment and music, among still others, via nominations and then voting.  There are also bloggies for best-designed blog, most well-written and best new blog.  Because I know you'd like to finish reading this post before your teeth fall out, I will just share a few of the blogs I've nominated that you might like to consider, should you decide to do some nominating, too:

Best Travel Blog: GO BIG OR GO HOME
*Traci writes an entertaining blog about traveling.  She has been everywhere and was even in the tourism industry in the past.

Best Well-Written Blog: GONNA KILL HIM
*Erin's blog is hilarious AND very, very well-written.  She has a gift.

*Alison blogs about her children (she has a son and one on the way), her life in Malaysia (cool, right?) and other fun and useful things, like recipes.

Click here to get to the Bloggies nomination page.

Thanks, everyone!  Now, go get a wig!