When Was The Last Time You Hugged Your Garage Door?

A very dear friend of mine (since the 4th grade!) went into her garage, opened the back door of her minivan, quickly grabbed the Christmas presents she had bought for her three kids and ran back inside to hide them.  She went on with her life inside her house until it was time to leave for the grocery store.  The kids piled into the car, she grabbed her purse and pushed the button to open the garage door.

And heard an awful noise.

She had never closed the back door of her minivan. 

Ahhhhhhhh!!!  Before she knew it, the garage door was becoming unhinged and the door of her minivan seemed like it was going to be ripped off. 

So awful, right?  Right at Christmas and everything?

Thankfully, the car stayed in one piece, but my friend, on the other hand, did not.  She lost it.  She cried.  She buried her face in her hands.  She cried some more.  She wondered what she would tell her husband.   Yuck.

Her situation reminded me of the time when my 7-year-old son was three.  I was in our half-bathroom right beside the door leading to the garage.  We were about to leave.  He went into the garage and somehow managed to push the button to open it.  Within SECONDS, I hear him crying and yelling my name.  I run around the corner and see this (except this isn't my house or my car and, really, that isn't even my son.  The kid in the picture is a cartoon, for goodness sakes.  You think I give birth to cartoon characters?  Awful, badly drawn cartoon characters at that??):

I imagine that he took the ride up on the garage door and dangled there for less than two minutes, but I'm sure it seemed like an eternity to him.  At first, he probably felt like he was on a fun ride and then he, as the reality set in that this wasn't a ride like the mechanical pony in front of the grocery store that he begged and begged and begged his mother to ride every time it was passed, he likely felt like he was a pair of longjohns on a 1950s clothesline.

Although we didn't have to replace the garage door after that indicident, we had to have garage door repairmen out a time or two to get it back on track.  Worse than that, I had to tell my husband that I wasn't there when my son dangled precariously over hard concrete while I touched up my lipstick in the bathroom.  At least my son wasn't hurt physically, right?  He didn't fall.  I was there to grab him from the edge of the garage door, but still.  Dude was scared. 

(Totally gave my garage door a high-five and a hug after that happened, though.  My Garage Door, now lovingly referred to as "Gary D.", was an excellent babysitter for those two minutes.  Sometimes when we are in a tight spot and need a sitter, Gary D. has come through for us, such as that time we took a cruisejustkidding.)

So, I'm asking you, being the generous reader that you are, to share any stories that you have had where you've almost demolished your garage door by doing something really stupid.  It would be awesome if your story is much worse than ours so we can print it out and show our husbands. 

(Can't you at least make something up?!?)