Captcha Balderdash Time!

We are going to try something different with Captcha Balderdash this month.  In the past, I have taken definitions over a day or so resulting in 25-35 hilarious and funny definitions at the end.  Although they are all so fun to read, I think it is hard for everyone to judge their favorites from that long of a list.  So, THIS TIME, only the first 15 definitions will be featured in the next post.  We can all then pick our favorite from those 15.  As soon as it gets to 15, I will try to close the comments and immediately put up a new post with those 15 definitions.  My hope is that you all will come back later today or tomorrow to vote for your favorite.  The winner will then be featured in my Wednesday post, on my blog's Facebook page and on Twitter.  We'll see how this method works out...

#1 Go down to the "Post a comment section" and hit any key in the white box.
#2 Select who you are from the drop down menu. If you want to leave a comment anonymously (or don't have an account set up), click "anonymous".
#3 Click "post a comment", type in your nonsense "CAPTCHA" word into your comment box and make up a definition for it OR use it in a sentence (or both). Submit it and forget it.
Let's play!  Can I go first?

My Captcha word was...

CLANGLES:  Clangles is actually a person's last name.  A proud mother and father named their little son Beau back in 1948,  twenty years before Jerry Jeff Walker recorded his famous hit "Mr. Bojangles".  Jerry Jeff made it very difficult for Mr. Beau Clangles to get a girl as they all thought he was lying when he introduced himself.  "Beau CLANGLES?!?  What an idiot!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!"  Beau ended up hating Jerry Jeff Walker for that blasted song and changed his name to Theodore Bangles soon afterwards.  He asked that everyone call him "The" for short, which worked out really well for about 12-15 years until Susanna and her crew blasted on the scene with songs about Egyptians.  By then, The had already married New-Fangled and didn't let it ruin his life. (REALLY IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: One of my VERY FAVORITE comedy clips is Jim Carrey imitating Sammy Davis, Jr. singing Mr. Bojangles back in the early 80's).



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