FREE COOKIES & the Captcha Balderdash #5 Wrap-Up

Well, helllllloooooooo there!  So glad you came back!  Hugs, hugs, hugs.  And some cookies.  Grab you a cookie real quick (they are, too, real!  I didn't lie about free cookies!  Try a little harder...).   Okay, if you are anything like me, I like to heat my cookies up in the microwave so that it tastes like it just came out of the oven.  It annoys the heck out of my husband.  (HOW IT WORKS: When he walks into the room, he's full of heck.  When I heat the cookies, the heck is annoyed right out of him).  I tweeted last week that one of my favorite hobbies is to annoy my husband.  It's the truth.  I'll heat any old cookie I can find, even if it's not heatable, just because I know it'll annoy him.  He'll give me the sideways eyes.  Chips Ahoy, you're getting singed.  Oreo, prepare to burn.  Lorna Doone.  You really think I buy Lorna Doones?  Lorna Doom.  Lorna Find-Another-Room.  Lorna Get-Swept-Outta-The-Room-With-A-Broom.  Okay, anyway, as I was saying, I like to heat up my chocolate chip cookies, no doubt, so if you like your cookies the right way, please use that microwave directly behind that vending machine up there on the top left.  Go on.

Ya back already?  You know how to heat those cookies like a madman, don'tchee?  I also CANNOT have a chocolate chip cookie without some milk, so please help yourself to a glass of milk.  Oh, let me get that for you.  Did I just get you all wet with that milk?  You can't take me anywhere!  And I have NO napkins in this entire Break Room!  Just an orange chair, a vending machine & microwave.  Ridiculous.  Run around real fast and see if you can dry yourself off. 

You stink like old milk.

Oh, well.  Okay, get comfortable and prepare to marvel at the clever people that played Captcha Balderdash over the last couple of days.  I seriously was thinking about kicking it's big behind like Frankenstein's to the curb because I thought people might be thinking, "Oh, NO!!!  Not Captcha Balderdash AGAIN!!!!!!!".  Well, you maybe you did said that, but still...there were quite a few people that played and quite a few new players, too.  Yay!   I think we WILL play CB in the Break Room again, but maybe not every month.  Every other month? 

(Psst...because I try to keep this blog PG-13ish, I tweaked some of the definitions...a little...)

After reading these clever definitions, I hope you will click on your favorite ones and visit the blogs of these funny & witty people...

#1 LANNOY (Pronounced LA- Noid) by Raquel's World said: Annoyed at someone for being lazy

#2 GOSSUFFL (goss-UFF-uhl) by Sue with the Desperate Housemommy: A term which had its birthplace on the endearing TLC series, "John & Kate Plus Eight." In its original form, it was a noun used by viewers when watching scenes in which the family of ten attempted to mobilize and go somewhere as a group, usually with much commotion, crying, and bickering ("Well, would you look at that GOSSUFL up on the TV screen, Harold? That's just craziness!") However, the term morphed itself into a derogatory adjective used to describe Kate's subsequent performances on Dancing with the Stars ("Holy Moly, Patrice! That excuse for a tango was plain GOSSUFL!")

#3 LARIMBI by Missy with Wonder, Friend: Lorenzo Lamas' younger, weirder brother. They keep him in the attic. There is no record of Larimbi, but if you look closely at the attic window you might see the curtain move, and you may even catch a glimpse of Larimbi's tiny, shrunken head peering back at you.

** I'd just like to say for the record that I now feel kind of bad about this definition. What did Lorenzo Lamas (or Larimbi, for that matter) ever do to me?

#3 HYPSK by Matty with Matty Thoughts: Walking with a lisp.

#4   QUERPL by Monkey Man: an off shade of purple. A queer purple. Querpl. Often used in place of Maple Surple when trying to rhyme with the word purple. See "You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd".

#5 UTEL 6 by Erin with I'm Gonna Kill Him: When a woman's uterus has seen more turnover than a Motel 6. Bed Bug infestation is likely.  Example: Erin is really tired of being a Utel 6 so she'd better remember to swallow those stupid pink pills after the birth of this next one.
#6 PROLIXCREMENT by Ellie: when some one talks and talks but you know everything they are saying is complete b.s.!  Example: He tried to make a point but I couldn't find it through all his prolixcrement!

#7 NOUSE by Melissa E. with In the Short Rows: the unknown plural of the word nice, often found grouped together with these other plural forms of words...mouses, mices, gooses, and mooses.

#8 SCONSIN by Yulia with She Suggests: Jonesin for Scones

#9 CRAPOPOLIS by "Queen" Vic with Crowning Victoria: the state of being for something not so good. IE: My living room is like crapopolis while while planning my wedding.  True Story.

#10 OUSLLY by Kimberly with All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something: French for "yes you crazy mother BLEEEEEEEEEEP" also known as "Yes silly"

#11 ESPANOLAMOMESSOR (ES SPAN OLE A MOM A SOR) by Kimberly with Fine, How Are You?: This is when a Mom teaches her child how to understand his Spanish homework by taking the book into the bathroom (w/ the laptop- doing some research) and then helping him understand as though she has spoken and known the Spanish Language all her life!

#12 SPALUSN by Copyboy with Not Worth Mentioning: I'm a spaz for lusn my brains! (He said he was still fuzzy with the rules.  Oh, Copyboy, Copyboy...)

#13 IVERRUCA by Robyn with Life by Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog: the sudden realization that one's varicose veins resemble an unidentified yet authentic version of an Italian pasta dish. Note: this is not a happy moment.

#14 UNISERV by Wendi Aarons: A new high-grade pharmaceutical from Bristol-Meyers-Squib, Uniserv allows people to transform from their regular gender into that of an asexual, androgynous being a la David Bowie in his glitter years. Perfect for vacations to Europe and/and trips to Neverland Ranch.  (Caution: Use of Uniserv may cause shrinkage, lady boils, day sweats and an intense desire to hump garbage men's legs.)

#15 ORLOCC (Or-lock) by Melinda with Finding the Humor: The state of being stuck in Orlando's grid-lock traffic four lanes over from the exit you need for Magic Kingdom.

#16 REMELITY (Re-me-litee) by Miss Melicious: A word developed in the late 90's to describe the new breed of reality show contestants. With the influx of reality shows including, but not limited to Survivor, The Real World, and Big Brother there also came an influx of egocentric individuals. They do not live in fact they thrive in their own little world, their remelity.
#17 SPOODW (noun) by Joey with Big Teeth and Clouds: the disgusting collection of food and spittle that collects on a person's lip.  "Grandma, here's a napkin to clean off that spoodw."

#18 GRANTSTR by Tanya with Ignite Your...: Okay this is perfect, a little boy in my daughter's class, who is angelic and devilish at the same time.  "Come here you little grantstr!"

#19 SHLOPPYS by Cheeseboy with The Blog O' Cheese: The baggy sweatshirt your wife puts on at night that says, "this shop is closed for the evening. Don't even try it."   I hate those shloppys!

#20 EOLOKO by MBGITWWR with Fatacular: A danish term for an adolescent child fixated on wearing sombreros.

Which one is your favorite?  Huh?  Huh?  Which one?  Come oooooonnnn.  You've gotta have a favorite.  Which one?  Which one? 

See.  I told you I like to be annoying.  Don't you feel sorry for my husband?