Captcha Balderdash #5

Do you want to play Captcha Balderdash again?  If you are not sure what I am talking about, click here to go see the game we played last.  The game originally started over on Striking Keys, so go there if you would like to see it New Zealand-style.  She played it once.  I wasn't sure if I should bring it back into the Break Room this month.  There is always a great response from all of you, but I still thought you might be tired of seeing it...  A few have asked me about it, so I brought it back.   I guess I will judge from the responses if this will be the last time we play it here.  I will link up the definitions to the author's blog/website in a following post.  I always am thoroughly entertained by reading your definitions.  I literally laugh out loud each and every time.  But, still, I may be alone here, so let me know if I should dump Captcha Balderdash in the middle of a vat of steaming sewage.

Here's How to Play:
1.  Go down to the "Comment" section and type in random symbols, like jds;fjs;lj OR sdfaslu9sodfjasdf OR aslkfjsp09dfoqwoijwe[aosdf. You can't go wrong. Just follow your heart.
2.  Select who you are from the drop down menu. If you want to leave a comment anonymously (or don't have an account set up), click "anonymous".
3.  Click "post a comment", type in your nonsense "CAPTCHA" word into your comment box and make up a definition for it. Submit that mess.
*FYI- I will turn Word Verification OFF after our little game.  I promise!*

SALLYIN: When someone begins to act like Sally Fields in one of her many shows or movies.  If you start acting all sweet and Gidget-like or become a nun and try to fly, someone might say you're "Sallyin".  I pray you are never "sallyin" because you are in a similiar situation as her character M'Lynn was in Steel Magnolias below.  If you want to become all emotional, watch this clip again:

OPORTION: What Irish people say when they just want a small part of something.

DYSIFIC: Your family is dysfunctional, but you still feel it is terrific.  You tell everyone you have a "dysific" family.  You go to family-style restaurants, like P.F. Chang's, and ask if you can eat it "dysfunctional family style" where everyone refuses to pass the plates, hoards all the brown rice to themselves, intentionally douses the person's plate to the left of them with gallons of soy sauce so as to ruin their Mongolian Beef, Honey Shrimp or Cashew Chicken, pelts each other relentlessly with fortune cookies, repeatedly spills tea in your mother's lap and then leaves the restaurant in linked arms while skipping and whistling.

Your turn!