Why doesn't the tooth fairy visit old people?

The Tooth Fairy probably didn't visit Stu.
Last night, my little dude lost his first tooth.   I was at the grocery store when my husband sent me a picture of our sweet little guy without a bottom front tooth.  I cried.  People weren't slipping around me in the aisles from my puddle of tears or anything (I was on indoor/outdoor carpet thankfully), but still...  I was sad that I had missed it.  I thought that it would be at least another day.  Frantically I began planning what the tooth fairy would bring to him right there by the Cream of Mushroom soup, hot pink turnips and albino asparagus.  I got some ideas for what to put under the pillow from friends.  Some had placed gold coins under there, one person put glittery money and another put a handful of porcupine quills and a piece of lemon meringue pie right under her sleeping child's head.  Despite desperately wanting to take that last friend's advice, I played it safe and went with the glitter & money combo (the grocery store was fresh out of pie shells).  Actually, the tooth fairy wrote a letter with glittery accents and left a $2 bill and two one-dollar coins.

Anyway, I thought about how much effort and hope and love and anticipation went into this big night for our five-year-old son and felt sad that there are many who lose teeth as adults who receive no fanfare at allThankfully, Stu has his music talent to get him through his toothless nights, but what about the others??  Where is the tooth fairy for Uncle Eugene, Aunt Pearl, Granny and Great Aunt Geraldine, I ask you???

If anyone needs some glitter sprinklin' and a dose of good cheer from the Tooth Fairy, it's Uncle Eugene and Aunt Pearl's crew and these cats below!  Actually, most of them look pretty dang happy.  If you see any of these people or their spittin' images, be sure to be their tooth fairy anyway.  Slip 'em some gold coins or glitter or something (skip the porcupine quills and lemon meringue pie, though) into their pocket or bag because, believe me, each time they lost a tooth, they were quietly asking the Tooth Fairy to leave them somethin' when they went to sleep the night before.  When they woke up, they were undoubtedly crushed as they quickly realized that the Tooth Fairy only brought them two things: JACK and SQUAT
All she asked for was a toothbrush to go with that box.

All he asked for was an oscillating fan.  He slept on an extra large pillow that first night.

He asked for pliers so he could wrangle that last sucker outta there.
He asked for sunglasses.

I need YOUR help on this one.  What did he ask for, ya think?

Seeing these beautiful grins made me interested in how people around the world celebrate losing teeth.  In Korea, the lost lower teeth are thrown under the house and the lost upper teeth are thrown on the roof.  In Spain & Slovenia, children believe a mouse takes the tooth and replaces it with a coin (ewww!!!  A mouse in the bed!).  In Mongolia, the baby tooth is put in the fat of some meat and fed to a young dog!  See here

Is there anything special you do in your family when teeth are lost?  Do you step up and give your Aunt Merle anything when SHE loses a tooth?  And, lastly, have anything to add about that last guy?