Is this a job interview, for cryin' out loud?

I’ve been tagged by Jessica with "Mama's Got Flair" to participate in "a fun little game to help get to know your fellow bloggers".  I realize that a lot of people that read here in the break room may not be "bloggers" really (what UP, Facebook peeps??), so if you'd rather go translate the Yellow Pages into braille instead of read my answers to these questions, then please go ahead.  But, remember homie, I will be sending you my bill from the psychiatrist's office!  [Straightening out my clothes & patting down my hair now] Seriously, I only want to do this if you answer some of these questions with me.  Writing a blog without hearing from the people who read stinks like yak pits.  Jessica answered questions about herself and then tagged 3 more people to answer them, one of them being me.  I am supposed to add a question to the end and pass it on! 

What song reminds you of a childhood memory?
I can already tell this is going to just be ridiculously difficult for me.  I've got hundreds, people, hundreds!  Just like you all do, I'm sure.  Here...let me give you the list of songs that first pop into my head:
*Sussudio Phil Collins
TOTALLY made up dance routines to that mess while being asking myself, "What in the HECK does 'sussudio' mean?"
*I Wanna Dance with Somebody Whitney Houston
Excuse me while I grab my curling iron & belt this one out.
*Islands in the Stream Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
I see my dad at his workbench listening to this song & me being terribly uncomfortable because I thought "we'll rely on each other" was "we will lie on each other". 
*What a Feeling Irene Cara
I learned to sign this song when my Brownie troop went on the set of "Signing with Cindy".  I felt like I could conquer the world after that. 
*Greatest Love of All Whitney Houston
My sister & I sang this in a Dollywood "recording studios".  It was hideous. 
(Whitney was my girl.)

Are you a night owl or and early bird?

I'm a more middle of the day bird, or an afternoon flamingo, if you will.  I like to stand with only one leg all the live-long day.  I don't like waking up early and I don't like staying up waaaay too late.  I also like to eat raw shrimp and have very, very, very pink skin.

Give us a snapshot of the high school you.

Drill/dance team member in honors classes.  It wasn't always pretty.  I still remember most of a dance we performed at a competition to Erasure's "Chorus".  Loved it.  I attached the Erasure video for your viewing pleasure.  I hated diagramming sentences.  Can we switch subjects now?

This or That: Rain or Snow?
I live in Texas where snow is scarce.  When it does get here, we all freak out and try to build snowmen from what little we can gather.  I still prefer the rain. 

Favorite Movie Quote?
I really want to think of some beautiful, emotional, meaningful, life-changing quotes to recite to you from movies like "Amistad" or "Braveheart" or something, but all I can think about is Peter's neighbor in Office Space or characters from "Clueless" at the moment.  Hmmm...  Other quotes that come to mind are from The Wedding Singer.  These are the kinds of quotes that we like to change up to fit our situation at home sometimes.  Quotes like:

"I'm a person, too, Pop,*$%$^.   I'm a person, too!"
(Steve Buscemi's character is the overlooked brother who gained control of the mic when he was a wee bit intoxicated)

"Hey, Jules, I tell you what.  I'll let you look over my shoulder"
(mean ol' Glen Gulia snagged the window seat on the airplane)

"You know, some of us will never, ever find true love, like, take for instance... me. And I'm pretty sure that guy right over there. And the lady with the sideburns. And basically everybody at table nine."
(Robbie Hart is trying to sing at a wedding but is really down about Linda) 

I could go on, but I'll move on...
What Color are your Underwear?
Well, now, come on.  There are BOYS that read this blog, too.  I am not believing the boldness that you possess.  Goodness gracious, child!

What was your ‘dream job’?
I ALWAYS wanted to be an actress on Saturday Night Live!!!  I absolutely LOVE watching the women on there perform.  The men, too, of course.  I watched SNL obsessively when Victoria Jackson was on there and followed it with Cheri O'Teri, Molly Shannon and now, my favorite, Kristen Wiig!! 

If you could tell your 13-year-old self anything, what would it be?
Oh, man, things will get better.  LASIK will be invented.  Seriously, though, I always think that it's best we DON'T know what good and bad things are down the road for us.  I am always reminded of the song "The Dance" by Garth Brooks.  "And now I'm glad I didn't know, the way it all would end, the way it all would go.  Our lives are better left to chance.  I could have missed the pain, but I'dda had to miss the dance". So, really, I would just give my 13-year-old self a hug, tell her that God loves her just the way she is and ask her if she still loves Kirk Cameron.

I am adding this question:

What was your favorite TV show back in the day?
Mine: Family Ties.  I thought it was so funny.  I loved the name Mallory for the longest time.  I thought Michael J. Fox was brilliant.  I loved Steve & Elaine.  I felt sorry for Nick.  I was upset when Andy was switched out with another kid still called Andy.  I still drop everything if I hear this song:

I am passing on this on to these FOUR possibly unwilling participants:
Lori from "Lex Loci Lori"
Tiffany from "On the Verge"
Fabuleslie from "Give Me Paws"
Sue from "The Desperate Housemommy"
Roxanne with "Days"