Sweet thangs

Okay, I am going to try to change the format up a bit. This blog has two parts- the most important part, of course, is about my boys (I am a little biased) and the second part is just stuff I think is funny or amusing. I will put my "stuff" (random musings, recipes, a little of this, a dash of that) first and the updates about my boys second. I figure anyone caring about my boys will stick with me to the end of the entry. Hey, where'd you go?

Last week we had lunch with my dad at a local Mexican restaurant where I gave it another shot and bought the praline-like candy by the check-out counter. I thought, this, YES THIS, will be the candy I remember from Monterrey House when I was but a nina (imagine the wavy thing above that last /n/, please). Imagine my despair when it was just another mushy piece of Mexican caramel. After I posted this tragedy on Facebook, my friend Rachel posted a link to the recipe (http://www.willadrews.com/?p=66). I have to share it.

LECHE QUEMADA (aka: Monterey House candy; Burnt Milk Candy)

This is how I will feel after I cook the heck outta this Leche Quemada.

Ingredients :
3 c. sugar
1 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. butter (real butter)
1 (13 oz.) can Eagle Brand condensed milk
1 (13 oz.) can water

Preparation :
*Combine all in large heavy pan, such as cast iron (something that keeps fairly even temperature).
*Simmer on very low flame (Slowly bring up to 240F) for about 4 hours or until you can see the bottom of the pan when you stir slowly (halfway between soft and hard ball stage on candy thermometer). Note: we cooked it at 1st hr@ 140; 2nd hr @ 185; 3rd hr ramp to 210; 4th hr slowly step up to 238-240.
*Remove from heat.
*Let it cool until your candy thermometer hits 190 degrees (About 15mins).
*Beat until it’s stiff with a heavy spatula or spoon. It won’t take long.
*Pour in buttered pan (we used a 13×9 Pyrex) .
*Cut or score after allowing it to cool for 10min.
*Break into pieces on the score lines when cool.

*Warning: If during the boiling stage the candy thermometer goes to 242F or higher, the candy becomes VERY crystalized… thus the instructions to bring slowly up to 240F.

You did see the heating it for four stinkin' hours part, didn't you? How 'bout the candy thermometer? Did you see that? I tell you what, I will make a huge batch of this candy. If it is good, I will set up a roadside store where I will sell puppies, velvet Elvis blankets, bird houses and this candy...and I will also wash your windows. Amigos, I will hook you up!

Switching gears here, people.

I am glad I named this blog the "breakroom" because...we all need a break. Can I get an Amen? All of my boys are taking a nap, so it was good time to duck in here and take a deep breath, youknowwhati'msayin'? As for the boys, well, Austin and Landon still love each other very much. They are always happy to see the other. I pray it always stays like that... For the most part, when Landon is given something, he always asks for one for Austin.
He sticks his itty-bitty hand out and says "bubBA??" He adores Austin. He will copy his every single move. It is hilarious! I need to try to record that... Landon also really wants to do things all by himself. He lets you know that he wants you to get lost by saying "MY" and proceeding to try a task on his own. He is his own little person, of course, even if he really, really, really, really looks up to Austin. Austin is maturing in his emotions. He is really starting to process more about how others feel. When we left Landon with Chris the other day, Landon was bawling and plastering his little face against our glass front door. I turned around to comment on how sad that was for the poor little guy and Austin's eyes were watering. He told me, "I not crying! Only you and Landon cry". It touched my heart, though, that Austin felt Landon's pain. I pray every night for lots of different things for my sons, but just under the prayer that they will be strong, wise, humble, loving, Christian men is that they will be there for each other their whole lives. When I get to the part about being a Christian, Austin pipes up with "I NOT CHRISTIAN!" He equates that word with a name of a person. Oh, Lawd, we've got some work to do.