Can I show my face again?

I made two awful mistakes. First, the Hamburglar I quoted as being a part of my loved memories of Burger King really belongs to McDonald's. So, McDonald's wins again. I loved the feeling of being locked up in a hamburger jail. I also loved smoking candy cigarettes. Coca-Cola was also more fun sipped like hot coffee in a mug or slammed back like a hard drink. Please know that this was in no way a reflection on my parents. I just liked living life on the edge in my elementary years and the picture below proves it. Not sure if Lisa liked doing these things as much as me, but she surrrrrrre liked living life on the edge, too! Doesn't she look like her mode of transportation to school was her Harley? I am pretty certain when the bus driver drove up to drive us to Tice (go Tigers!), she flashed the peace sign and was off.

Second, "breakroom" is one word, not two. I had it as two for a few days. Please, somebody convince to get out of bed over this one.