The Most Delicious One-Ingredient New Year's Cake Recipe

Some people pass on recipes through the generations. Grandmother to mother to daughter to granddaughter. Today I'm passing on a recipe to you, but I'm passing it on from my 6-year-old self. She was more than willing to share it with you and said you can share it with your daughter if you want. It is...

The one ingredient?

Ice cream.

It's really simple to make, of course. I made all the time when I was 6 and not even on New Year's Eve necessarily! You can make it any old time you'd like. When I made it, I would talk about it as I made it like I was on a cooking show. Please feel free to do the same. My sister made it. My cousin made it. Consider it a family recipe.

Step 1: Get the ice cream out of the freezer. In Texas, we like Blue Bell. (Use any flavor you'd like.)
Step 2: Put two scoops of ice cream into your bowl.
Step 3: Stir until your arm hurts or someone says to stop playing with your food.
Step 4: Bake it by pushing it from the front of the counter or table to the back of the counter or table. No need to turn any dials. The simple process of pushing the bowl to the back of a surface will provide all the baking necessary.
Step 5: Ice The Most Delicious One-Ingredient New Year's Cake by putting the smooth moves all over the surface of it.
Step 6: Slice it.
Step 7: Serve it.
No need to go on and on about how grateful you are for this recipe. I know you appreciate it and, yes, you are very welcome. Feel free to serve it on New Year's Eve and take all the credit. I'm very giving that way.
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(I'm feeling a little bad. Immediately, this post got a lot of hits. I hope you don't feel too badly tricked. It was a cake by my 6-year-old standards and that is who is passing this recipe on to you. BLAME HER!)