28 NEW Ways To Eat Your Popcorn (That You've Probably Never Thought Of Before)

Two weeks ago, I thought there was only one way to eat popcorn, which is the way it was popped when I stuck the Pop Secret bag into the microwave. Basically, I thought butter and salt was where it stopped. Plain salt. Not fancy salt. I didn't even know fancy salt existed. I mean, I've heard of kosher salt and sea salt, but truffle salt? Say what? I can tell you that I am so inspired to try every single one of these ways of eating popcorn now. Where have these ideas been all of my life?

These popcorn ideas all come from the awesome people that have liked my Kelley's Break Room Facebook page. When it comes to Facebook pages, I know you comment anywhere. Thanks for choosing to comment on my page from time to time (and especially this time)!

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These just won't taste as good if you don't use Pop Secret popcorn. You know it. I know it. Pop Secret knows it.

#1 The Buttery Bucket (Heidi): Pop plain popcorn and then drizzle an ENTIRE stick of Land O' Lakes Salted Butter over the top.

#2 M&M Madness (Courtney, Amanda): Mix peanut M&M's into your popcorn. You're done.

#3 What's The Dill? (Tami): Sprinkle Brewer's yeast and dill all over the popcorn.

#4 White Cheddar Is Better (Lexie): Pop bags of extra buttery popcorn, add more butter, sprinkle white cheddar seasoning all over it, shake it like a Polaroid picture and then add some MORE white cheddar seasoning. Eat that mess UP.

#5 Trufflicious (Lindsay, Lizzie): Use butter-flavored olive oil to pop the popcorn in and sprinkle with black truffle salt. And eat it all. (Lizzie adds a little bit of parmesan.)

#6 Red Hot Pop (Charlotte): Mix Red Hots in with your popcorn. Mix a bunch if you can handle the heat. Share with the ones you love.

#7 Dip It Like You Mean It (Jeniffer): Dip your popcorn in sour cream. Yes. That's right. Sour cream.

#8 Popped & Pink (Lyndsey): Pop the popcorn on the stove with olive oil or coconut oil, drizzle melted real butter over the top and sprinkle with PINK SALT. Pink salt is Himalayan salt.

#9 Jalapeno Business (Dayna): Add jalapenos to your popcorn. You can either chop them up or eat a slice with each handful.

#10 Coconutty Popcorn (Dayna): Air pop the popcorn (or make it on the stove), add melted coconut oil and sprinkle with sea salt. (I'm going to need an update on this one, Dayna. How can you melt coconut oil?)

#11 Nancy's Fancy Schmancy Salted Popcorn (Chris): I made Nancy up. Nancy rhymed with fancy, which rhymed with schmancy. Let's move on. Chris here air pops the popcorn and sprinkles it with only the fanciest of salts, including pickle salt, malt salt, salt/vinegar or white truffle salt. If he is going to use butter, he only uses REAL butter or, ahem, clarified butter. Chris, as you can see, is one fancy dude. I didn't even know these salts existed before this post.

#12 Candy (Pop) Corn (Charity): Step 1- Get some candy corn. Step 2- Throw that into the popcorn. Step 3- Close your eyes and say "mmm, mmm, mmm".

#13 Chocolatey Popcornny Bliss (Jolene): Pop either regular Pop Secret popcorn or the Caramel flavored popcorn in the microwave first. Then, cut up a candy bar. When the popcorn is done popping, quickly open the bag (DON'T BURN YOUR EYEBROWS OFF, THOUGH!) and drop the candy bar pieces into that hotness. Seal the bag somehow and shake it all up. Eat it, but make sure you have wipes nearby.

#14 Lime Lovin' (Vita): Pop your popcorn in the microwave. Open the bag, put in some fresh lime juice, a shake or two of Tabasco and beer salt, seal the bag again and shake it all up. (There's another type of salt I've never heard of...)

#15 Cajun Corn (Lindsay, Angela, Mary): Heat up buttery popcorn and sprinkle Tony Chachere's all over it. The only way you could geaux wrong is if you geaux and dump the whole entire container of Tony Chachere's over all of your popcorn. If you did that, you would want to geaux and drink lots of water! Angela sprinkles hers with Louisiana Hot Sauce. Mary puts Cajun seasoning on her popcorn AND she squeezes lemon juice all over it. Yum!

#16 You'll Eat Olive It (Amy): Sprinkle extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) all over the popcorn and then sprinkle it with kosher salt. Put a lot of it in your hand, open your mouth really wide and then shove it in there.

#17 Marshmallow Popcorn (Melissa): Melissa got this recipe from Today's Mama. You pop three bags of Pop Secret popcorn and then set it aside. Melt 2 sticks of butter, 16 ounce bag of mini marshmallows and 1 cup of brown sugar in a microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. Stir it and then heat it again for 1 more minute. Pour it over the popcorn and smile.

#18 Parmesan Popcorn (Anjay, Holly): Sprinkle the powdered Parmesan all over the popcorn WHILE IT'S STILL HOT and then feel sorry for the people who are just eating plain popcorn.

#19 Waites A Minute, That's Good Stuff (Tiffany): Tiffany Waites knows lots of ways to make super great popcorn. In her family, they put butter, salt and garlic powder on their freshly popped goodness. Her husband sprinkles his with green Tabasco sauce. Her friend puts coconut oil, honey and cinnamon sugar all over the top. OHMYGOSH, SOMEONE MAKE THIS FOR ME RIGHT NOW.

#20 Old Bay, Baby (Stephanie): Get you some Old Bay seasoning and sprinkle it everywhere. Pretend you are by the sea. This is Stephanie's idea and she knows what she is talking about. She writes Binkies and Briefcases, after all.

#21 Monster Corn (Suzanna, Maria): Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon all over the popcorn. Her kids named it Monster Corn. I'm thinking that must be a pretty nice monster to like something so sweet. Maria makes this, too, but I'm thinking she doesn't call it Monster Corn. She also pops hers in coconut oil.

#22 Pizza Popcorn (Marcey): Sprinkle Italian seasoning all over the popcorn. It helps Marcey curb her cravings for pizza and, who knows, it could help you.

#23 Some Like It Chili (Kari): Dust your popcorn with chili powder. Have lots of water close by.

#24 Popcorn-Dipped Cone (Kimberly): Get someone super nice to make you a vanilla ice cream cone (or just do it yourself). Dip that cone into freshly popped corn. Be prepared for stares as you enjoy your dessert snack.

#25 Sparkly Sprinkly Spopcorn (Danielle): Get some icing sugar from the flour and sugar aisle and sprinkle it all over your popcorn. Get really crazy and pick green for St. Patrick's Day, pink for Easter, red for Valentine's Day, etc.

#26 Popcorn (Sort of) Sushi (Mary): Put some dashes of Wasabi powder all over the popcorn with some butter in there, too, of course. She says it's fantastic and I don't think Mary would lie to us.

#27 This Popcorn Is Soy Good (Tiffany): Dip the popcorn in soy sauce. It may take you a while to eat all of your popcorn this way, but it will be soy worth it.

#28 You'll Be Raisin The Roof After Eating This Popcorn (Tabitha): After you make your yummy, delicious, scrumptious Pop Secret popcorn in the microwave, toss in some chocolate-covered raisins and eat every last bit of the thing. Be careful not to eat the bowl.

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