Pretty Much The Best Cabbage Dish Ever


I won't take too much of your time. I just had to let you know about pretty much the best cabbage dish ever. Don't you say you don't like cabbage. You can't say that if you've never tried this cabbage because it is so, so very good. Usually I eat cabbage steamed/boiled with turkey sausage, carrots, new potatoes, onions, butter, salt and pepper. That way is really good. I'm not kicking that way to the curb. That is just more of a one dish thing. This cabbage dish is more like a side. Although, I must say, I could eat the whole pot of it and make that my meal.
All you need are three things. Cabbage, bacon and a bottle of this magical sauce.

That is the secret right there. I got this from the Texas grocery store H.E.B., but I'm sure you could order it on-line. It is soooooooo good. It's not spicy either. I don't do spicy. Spicy and I are not on good speaking terms. I got this recipe from H.E.B., too. The grocery store often has people showing off their culinary skills in the middle of the store. I pretty much buy anything they are giving samples of in their little kitchen stage area.

"We've got delicious horse meatballs for you right here! Just dump in a pan and simmer for 15 minutes! BOOM! DINNER!"
Me: "I'll take two packs."

The recipe is simple.

First, cut up the cabbage, but not your fingers. The recipe does not call for blood droplets.

Second, fry 8 ounces of bacon in a pan. Remove the bacon, but keep the bacon grease in the bottom of the pan. I make bacon in the microwave on a little special bacon plate. I just poured that grease in the pot when I was ready to cook the cabbage.

Third, combine the cabbage and hot bacon grease. Cook that together for a few minutes.

Fourth, pour about half of the bottle of Robert's Reserve Roasted Habanero and Pineapple Sauce over the top. Don't let it cook together much longer after that. I would serve it right away, because I am not a fan of mushy, wilty-looking cabbage. It starts reminding me of sauerkraut then and sauerkraut and I are not on good speaking terms either.

Oh! How could I forget?? Crumble up the bacon and toss it back in!

As for the calories in it...hmmm... I don't know. You think I'm would because I'm obsessed with tracking everything I eat into My Fitness Pal right now. (Want to find me? I'm kelleyn22! Let's be friends!) I did take a picture of the back of the bottle to help me figure it out the next time I eat it.

Two tablespoons has 70 calories. Well, dang it, man. Hmmm... I don't know what to tell you, sister. I don't know how much is in a nice little side of it when you serve it. I think you could bet on 140 with bacon grease and everything. I don't think that's a bad deal.
The other plus with this sauce is that you can cook meatballs in it and have Hawaiian meatballs. That is what I am doing with the other half of mine. Yum!
I tried to make that a fast post, but I didn't do so great. Still friends?

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