What I Just Learned About "Light Bladder Leakage" That I Never Knew Before

If you are a woman, you probably have experienced "light bladder leakage" (or LBL) at least once before. This is especially true if you have had a baby, I think, but I'm not sure. Hold on. I'm going to check my facts to see if LBL is more likely to occur if you have had a baby.

One second.

Okay, yes, mothers are more susceptible to LBL than other women, but it can definitely happen to all women. Here are some facts that I pulled off of the Poise website:

*Research reveals that 1 in 4 women over 18 experience episodes of leaking urine involuntarily
*One in eight 18 – 23 year-olds experience urine leaks
*Between one third and a half of pregnant women experience female incontinence due to the pressure of the growing baby on the bladder
*An American study found that incontinence problems are experienced by over 18% of women who’ve had one child, nearly 25% of women who have had two children, and 32% of women who’ve had three or more
*Around 40% of menopausal women have female continence
*Around a third of women over 60 years old are incontinent

The incontinence bug is going around, ladies.

And here's the thing I didn't know before...

You can create an overactive bladder and increase the likelihood of LBL if you go to the bathroom too much! What? What? I read that. I seriously read that. I'm going to need to quote it, though, so you don't think I'm getting my facts all criss-crossed. I got this from the Poise website.

"Going just in case is fine in certain situations, but for many women, doing this on a regular basis can increase the risk of overactive bladder, with its symptoms of urge, frequency, or accidents on the way to the bathroom," says Dr. Goldberg. "Spoiling your bladder this way can cause problems over the long run. It's better to void the normal amount, which is every three to four hours."

Y'all. I do this. Don't you do this? My sister and I call it "Paranoid Pee". This is when we feel like we need to go when we really don't need to go because we're afraid if we don't go we'll need to go when it's not a good time to go. I never realized that if I went too much, I could be causing a problem later! "Paranoid Pee" hits an all-time high when I am about to go to bed. I will sit there and stare at the ceiling thinking, "I know I should go, but I don't want to go. I better g... No, I don't want to go. Okay, I'll go." That could be bad news! What have I done to myself??

(I like the idea of a "spoiled bladder". Next time you are a party and someone talks about their kids getting everything they want under the sun, bring up your bladder.)

Why did no one shake me and yell into my face, at some point in my life, "DON'T GO TO THE BATHROOM SO MUCH! YOU DON'T WANT AN OVERACTIVE BLADDER, DO YOU? YOU REALLY WANT LIGHT BLADDER LEAKAGE, LADY?"

The thing is, it's a normal thing, this Light Bladder Leakage. Over one million women over the age of 35 in Australia and New Zealand deal with it, so I'm pretty sure we Americans do, too.

Thankfully, there is something we can do about it (besides surgery). You can do the good ol' Kegels, of course. You can also educate yourself about bladder control and Light Bladder Leakage. I literally spent tons of time on the Poise website reading about incontinence and the bladder and LBL and everything else this morning. I really feel like it is some interesting stuff. You never go into your doctor's office and have them whip out a PowerPoint presentation to tell you ever wanted to know about peeing. (Do you know that people pee out about six cups of liquid a day?) I feel like going through the website was like sitting in on a session at the "Peeing in 2014" convention. So educational!
Another thing I spent a good deal of time doing was playing with the graphic of the Poise Microliner. Poise makes this itty-bitty thin microliner out of a material referred to as "SAM" (Super Absorbent Material). It will "provide discreet Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) protection that helps keep you dry and comfortable all day long so you can manage life’s little leaks with confidence. Poise Microliners are the thinnest liners in the light incontinence category and are designed to absorb wetness, neutralize odor and stay three times drier than period liners." This graphic shows the microliner next to a dollar bill. You can spin them around as your jaw drops in amazement that something as thin as a dollar bill can absorb your little accident.

The take home here is that these microliners are much, much better than using a regular panty liner due to the SAM inside it meant specifically for LBL. The other message to remember is that LBL is common and happens to many, many women. There are things you can do about it, too. Don't despair! Viva la Kegels! Viva la Poise Microliners!

If you'd like to try the Poise Microliners out, you can go here for a free sample.
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