BLOG U: A fun, new and different kind of blogging conference coming in 2014!

You guys, I'm actually so excited about what I am about to tell you that I sort of have butterflies. Isn't that crazy? I don't have butterflies about telling you. I have butterflies from just thinking about the event. I just think it is going to be super duper awesome for so many reasons. If you are a blogger or you are thinking about becoming a blogger, then you so need to get yourself THERE.

"WHERE?!" you just asked as you pounded the table, dashboard or TV tray in front of you.

A different kind of blogging conference.

Blog U.

That's the name of it! Cute, right? I think so. The logo is cute. The website is cute. Everything is cute.

This blogging conference will happen June 6th through the 8th in Baltimore, Maryland at Notre Dame of Maryland University. There are many of us on the "faculty" (love it!) and, TRUST ME, there is nothing but solid gold within that group. These are my blogging homies and, I'm telling you, SOLID GOLD. You can see everyone that will be there to help run Blog U by going here.

I really, really love that the conference is at a university. I miss going to classes. I don't miss the fear of forgetting whether or not I've dropped a class (I still have dreams about that!) or Scantrons, but I do miss pens, paper, listening to lectures and just roaming around with a backpack on my back.

I guess I could still do that last one. I might pack one tomorrow.

Seriously, though...

You will laugh.

You will learn.

You will LOVE IT.

I just have this feeling you will do these all of these things if you can get yourself there.

I know Baltimore may be far for some of you. It may be around the corner for some of you. For me? Girl, it is FAR. I'm in Houston! Hello! I'm excited about going to Baltimore FOR SURE. The really great thing about this conference is that the cost is ALL INCLUSIVE, minus transportation there, of course. No plane flights included, sisters! Seriously, though, it is a great price. It will start on Friday night, there will be a full day of courses and events on Saturday and it will conclude on Sunday morning. There are three different "packages" (I feel like I'm talking about Olan Mills pictures here): $199 for "commuters", $249 for roommates and $299 for an individual room. That price includes your room for two nights, the conference, the events and all the meals.

Baltimore Harbor Source

I'm sure Baltimore has some stinky alley ways like every city, but this picture is pretty, right?

If you are interested, you will need to register as soon as the registration opens up, which will be in January 2014. That is not far away. I am certain the tickets will go fast! I hope you get one of them!

Hop over to the Blog U website and take a look around!